Let The Right One In Trailer: The Vampire Classic Is Now A Showtime Series

They say never to mess with the classics, but the first trailer for Showtime's version of "Let the Right One In" is here, and it looks pretty dang good. The latest reimagining of the icy Swedish vampire film looks to transfer the story to a new setting — and takes on a new format, as a potentially ongoing TV show. This time around, "A Better Life" actor Demián Bichir stars as the patient father of a little girl vampire, played here by "Selena: The Series" actor Madison Taylor Baez.

The relatively short first official teaser packs in plenty of atmosphere and tension, along with some artistic, striking shots that call to mind Tomas Alfredson's original version of the film while still remaining unique. Check out the trailer below.

A beloved story gets fresh blood

This series, Alfredson's 2008 film, and Matt Reeves' 2010 American remake are all based on the same source material, a provocative and darkly emotional Swedish novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Judging by this trailer, the new version seems to be more focused on 12-year-old vampire Eleanor's (Baez) relationship with her father, haunted caretaker Mark (Bichir), than on her relationship with the little boy neighbor, Oskar, who is the protagonist in some other versions. Now 10 years into her vampirism, Eleanor is lonely, locked inside for her own safety. In one shot, we see her hold a burning finger to the sunlight, while in another, she reaches out from within a storage chest.

Official synopses for the series describe Eleanor and Mark's strained existence as the "emotionally charged and terrifying ingredients" that serve "as a starting point" for the series, which means there's probably a lot we're not seeing in this impressionistic first look. Some aspects of the original novel have never been adapted on screen before, but with its vastly shortened vampiric timeline (in the book, Eli is already 200 years old), it seems like the latest iteration will be putting its own twist on a familiar story.

Grace Gummer ("Mr. Robot"), Anika Noni Rose ("Dreamgirls"), Kevin Carroll ("The Leftovers"), Ian Foreman ("The Holiday Switch") and Jacob Buster ("Colony") also star. Foreman appears to be playing the new series' equivalent to the Oskar character, as we see him meet Eleanor late one night in a courtyard outside their homes.

"Penny Dreadful" writer Andrew Hinderaker showruns and executive produces "Let the Right One In" along with "Blindspotting" director Seith Mann on board as both executive producer and director. The series will debut on Showtime on October 7, 2022.