Billy Eichner's Gay Rom-Com Bros Is Getting Review Bombed By Homophobes With Too Much Time On Their Hands

A bunch of bigoted losers with too much time on their hands are dedicating energy to trying to harm a marginalized community for existing on screen? Must be a day that ends in "Y." Review bombing is unfortunately nothing new, but the latest victim of strategic attacks is Billy Eichner's gay romantic-comedy "Bros," for committing the egregious crime of telling a love story that isn't about a boring straight couple in beige sweaters. "Bros" has been earning solid reviews out of its screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival, so it was awfully suspicious when the film's IMDb score plummeted, with over 680 ratings of the film, most of which were 1 star reviews.

This is quite a different story compared to Rotten Tomatoes, which separates critic and audience reviews. There are zero reviews from audiences, you know, since the movie hasn't even hit theaters yet, and critic reviews from folks who attended TIFF have the film sitting pretty at 94%. It doesn't take a genius to see what has happened here, but it is beyond annoying that this sort of thing keeps happening. As of publication, IMDb has removed the ability to rate this film on its platform, as it was obvious these numbers were coming from a bunch of homophobic jackwagons who should spend less time review bombing movies online, and more time reading books, staying hydrated, touching grass, and washing their own buttcracks.

Bigotry will not stop history

Here's a quick little reminder for any homophobes who stumbled upon this article and somehow made it to this section: your hatred will not stop progress and your bigotry will not stop history. Review bombing "Bros" into oblivion will not change the fact it is the first studio picture to feature an all LGBTQIA+ main cast, and it certainly will not change the reality that "Bros" is really, really good. Spending 30 seconds clicking a button to declare "one star" will not magically make gay people disappear off the planet, and people like Billy Eichner are going to continue being loudly and proudly gay while making weird art that continues to disrupt the status quo. 

2022 has been a big year for gay rom-coms thanks to "Bros" and Joel Kim Booster's wonderful "Fire Island," another film that had an attempted review bomb that failed miserably because too many people loved it and helped balance out the ratings. I hate (lies, I love it) to break it to any homophobes reading this, but review bombing "Bros" isn't going to stop the film from coming out. "Bros" will hit theaters, people will see it, and then it will end up on a streaming service so even more people can enjoy it. That's going to happen regardless of an IMDb score, so all you're doing is annoying whoever's job it is to delete all the bogus star ratings. 

Grow up, bros.