Will There Be A Sequel To Barbarian? Here's What Direct Zach Cregger Says

This article contains major spoilers for "Barbarian."

Much like the basement at 476 Barbary Street, the more you think about "Barbarian," the deeper it digs into your subconscious. Writer/director Zach Cregger lures you into the rhythm you would usually associate with one brand of horror movie before unleashing five others, each of which complement the other in horrifying fashion. While Cregger certainly found inspiration in horror legends like Takashi Miike and Sam Raimi, I can't think of anything else quite like this movie.

"Barbarian" is a strikingly original concept that has considerable respect for its audience, staying three steps ahead at all times. The marketing certainly played a huge part in keeping all of its secrets close to the chest. All we knew from the trailer is that an Airbnb rental will go horribly wrong once a darkened hidden passageway is discovered downstairs.

Keeping everything vague has all but ensured that even when it's out of theaters, "Barbarian" will have a long shelf life. Half the fun is watching it with other people who have zero idea of the kind of movie they signed up for. Truth be told, I don't even think there's a conceivable way of spoiling Cregger's nightmare that doesn't involve starting just from the top. It's akin to a twisted jigsaw puzzle.

But if you were somehow theorizing about a follow-up film after that ending, I think it's safe to say you'll be pretty disappointed.

Cregger feels Barbarian 2 is very unlikely

In talking to ComicBook.com, Cregger seems pretty adamant that a sequel doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon. "Never say never, I could have an amazing idea tomorrow and be off to the races, but I doubt it," affirms Cregger.

By the end of "Barbarian," pretty much every key player is either deeply traumatized or dead, more so the latter. There really isn't much more to do with this story, seeing as this was so carefully constructed to be its own one-and-done thing.

Cregger also shot down any prequel ideas with Richard Braker's Frank, seeing how he's "personally not interested in making a movie about a man who abducts women." Where "Barbarian" broke all of the rules, a prequel starring Brake's character feels as rote as you could get in terms of a continuation.

The closest Cregger comes to talking about a sequel is one that will never get made — because he's joking. But still, I would give anything to see him secure the money from 20th Century Studios to actually attempt something this wild (via ComicBook.com):

"There's a sequel I joke about that I would love to watch, which would be The Mother surviving her gunshot and having to integrate into society. She could attend community college and get her learner's permit and get a Tinder profile. That would be fun. I'd watch that movie. I don't know if I'd make it, but I'd love to see it."

"Barbarian" is now playing in theaters.