Legendary Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Is A Big Fan Of Ti West's Pearl [Exclusive]

Celebrities, they are just like us. They eat, they go to the bathroom, they get into flamed Twitter wars over dumb Marvel comments, and they like disturbing, unsettling horror movies. 

That's right, we're talking about Mr. Martin Scorsese, accidental front man in the "is Marvel cinema?" debate, Oscar-winner, and living legend. He has made stars of many actors, and has changed the filmmaking industry by delivering several masterpieces. 

What some people may not know is that Scorsese is a pure-hearted, relentless cinephile. The man just loves his pictures, has a list of movies from around the world you need to see, has worked to restore classic movies, and has helped produce modern hits like "Uncut Gems," "Shirley," and more. Today, he wants to gush about another movie he loves, not an award winning, fancy-pants Cannes premiere, nor a prestige play adaptation, but the shocking, blood-filled, alligator-feeding, Mia Goth-starring "Pearl" by Ti West.

"Pearl" is the prequel film to Ti West's "X," which premiered earlier this year. Shot in secret, "Pearl" stars Mia Goth as the young version of the villainous, murderous octogenarian from "X," here a young aspiring actress in 1918. It has one of the most uncomfortable end credits in a film, it is blood-soaked, and it rules.

'I had trouble getting to sleep'

Now, picture this: Martin Scorsese, the 79-year-old director of tame, not at all shocking or violence-filled movies like "Goodfellas," or "Taxi Driver," watching Mia Goth decapitating and otherwise tearing her victims to shreds — and responding by doing the "Pointing Rick Dalton" meme and loving every second.

Well, it happened. A24 received this review from Scorsese himself, who simply gushes about Ti West's new film.

"Ti West's movies have a kind of energy that is so rare these days, powered by a pure, undiluted love for cinema. You feel it in every frame. A prequel to 'X' made in a diametrically opposite cinematic register (think 50s Scope color melodramas), 'Pearl' makes for a wild, mesmerizing, deeply — and I mean deeply — disturbing 102 minutes. West and his muse and creative partner Mia Goth really know how to toy with their audience ... before they plunge the knife into our chests and start twisting. I was enthralled, then disturbed, then so unsettled that I had trouble getting to sleep. But I couldn't stop watching."

Indeed, a big appeal of "Pearl" is simply seeing West play with his influences to deliver a vastly different film, arguably the most different two horror movies from the same franchise have been since Jason Voorhees went to space. The technicolor cinematography and long takes, as opposed to the fast editing of "X" and its '70s inspired aesthetic is simply awe-inspiring.

With Ti West confirming that another horror film set in the "Pearl" universe and starring Mia Goth is on the way, let's hope Scorsese gives us another review. Come on, Marty, it's been a while since you made a horror movie! Give us some unsettling, disturbing nightmares! I know you can do it.

Ti West's "Pearl" is playing in theaters.