The Predator Reshoots

When The Predator arrived last year, it was to mostly mixed responses. While there was plenty of bloody action to behold and a great ensemble to revive the sci-fi action franchise, there was something about the final cut of the movie that felt slapped together, almost like pieces of the movie were missing. And since the movie underwent reshoots that significantly altered the ending, it’s clear that something went on behind the scenes resulting in an entertaining mess. And now we know more about that debacle. Read More »

predator controversy

Last year’s release of The Predator was overshadowed by the news that one of its actors, Steven Wilder Striegel, was a registered sex offender. Olivia Munn, who starred in the film, brought this to the attention of 20th Century Fox and had the scene in which she appeared with Striegel removed from the film. During the course of her press for The Predator, Munn spoke out about the film’s director, Shane Black, keeping this information from the cast and crew, and about Striegel’s prior conviction for lewd correspondence with a 14-year-old.

In September, Munn said her hope was that Black would reach out to her personally. Today, Munn was on a Television Critics Association panel for her Starz series The Rook, after which /Film was able to ask her for an update on the situation. Read More »

The Predator Honest Trailer

When Predator first came out in 1987, there wasn’t much concern about making a movie that opened the gates for a whole franchise of films to follow. It was just a movie about a skilled alien hunter taking down a team of special forces badasses one by one, and that’s all we needed to know.

However, since then, an entire mythology has been built around the alien race known as Predators, and the latest installment of the franchise, The Predator, brings the threat of even further franchise expansion in the form of a convoluted story that bites off more than these ugly motherf*ckers can chew with their giant mandibles. You’ll see what we’re talking about when you watch The Predator Honest Trailer below, but beware of spoilers. Read More »

best trash movies of 2018

To quote the poet Oscar the Grouch, “Oh, I love trash.” There’s a soft-spot in my heart for trash movies. The trashier the better. I’m not talking about the worst movies of the year. Nor am I talking about movies that are so bad they’re good. Instead, I’m referring to a special type of a film – one that is perfectly content to be, well, garbage. Movies with little-to-no ambition that aren’t trying to do…anything. Except present you with cheap, cheesy, trashy spectacle. These are the type of movies destined to play on fuzzy TVs in cheap motel rooms. The type of films you put on in the background as you sit in a one-bedroom apartment, guzzling cheap gin and eating microwave pizza. The motion pictures you wake up to at 3 a.m., blurry-eyed, cotton-mouthed, and not sure where the hell you are. These are the best trash movies of 2018.

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The Predator Alternate Ending

If you haven’t gotten around to seeing The Predator yet, which is now available on home video, you should know that it has a totally insane ending that sets the stage for a crazy sequel. But the ending was almost even more ludicrous than the one that ended up in theaters, and it would have brought the Predator franchise back around to its rivalry with the Alien franchise.

UPDATE: Another alternate ending would have brought back another character from the Alien universe as well. We’ve added details about that in our original story below.

Find out about The Predator alternate ending below. Read More »

The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2018

Best Movie Posters of 2018

Now that we’re officially in 2019, the /Film team wanted to take a look back at the year in film that was 2018, and that includes some of the best marketing we saw. Often times, even before a trailer arrives online, we’ll see a poster announcing the arrival of any given movie. And while most posters are forgettable and lack any remarkable style, movie posters are still very much an artform, and a lot of studios know how to do them right. That’s why yours truly took the time to round up what I have deemed the 20 Best Movie Posters of 2018. Read More »

Making of The Predator Dogs

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, find out how the new hounds of the sequel The Predator were created. Plus, dive into the philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien to explore what deeper thinking lies beneath the epic fantasy adventure, and Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o sits down for a nearly 40-minute interview with Can You Ever Forgive Me? star Melissa McCarthy. Read More »

The Predator Easter Egg

The Predator is available on home video, which means fans are starting to notice certain details they missed the first time around. One of those details includes an Easter egg referencing Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s original involvement in the movie as the film’s titular jungle stalking creature.

That’s right, the legendary JCVD was originally the man who was meant to be in the creature suit as the titular alien hunter in Predator, but the creature design ended up being drastically changed after the suit ended up looking positively terrible. We know that because of behind the scenes footage revealed the original suits used on set, and one of those suits used for visual effects reference ended up as a The Predator Easter egg. Read More »

New Blu-ray Releases venom

(Welcome to Not Dead Yet, a feature dedicated to new Blu-ray releases and what special features you should be excited about. Because yes, some of us still like to own physical copies of our movies.)

Welcome to the last Blu-ray review round-up of 2018. We did it, everyone! Congratulations! As we close out this hell-year, some new Blu-ray releases await you – some good, some not so good, but all worth checking out in some capacity. This is an usually sci-fi heavy Blu-ray round-up – all but one film here fits into the science fiction genre. I didn’t plan it this way, folks. That’s just how it worked out. Below, you’ll find VenomThe Predator, and more. So take a gander, enjoy, and I’ll see you in 2019.

Here are the new Blu-ray releases and their special features you should check out this week.

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the predator holiday special

If Shane Black‘s Predator sequel/reboot The Predator didn’t satisfy your blood lust, may I interest you in The Predator Holiday Special? This silly stop-motion short has a group of Predators invading the North Pole and engaging in violent battle with Santa Claus, his reindeer, and more. It’s kind of stupid! But it’s short enough that you might get a good laugh. Watch the Predator Holiday Special below.

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