In a crazy promotional stunt to promote the movie Sanctum, Virgin Mobile Live conducted a live Question and Answer session with producer James Cameron, while he was underwater. iJustine interviewed Cameron at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Cameron was mic’d underwater with a diving suit. You can watch three promos for the Q&A session here: one, two, three. You can watch the 11-minute Q&A on Facebook, but they force you to “Like” Virgin Mobile Live in order to see the video. Cameron talks a lot about shooting Sanctum under-water and diving, but also answers a couple questions about True Lies 2, filmmaker and Twitter.

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If you’ve caught yourself thinking that Werner Herzog’s 3D doc Caves of Forgotten Dreams might be a lot better paired with another 3D film about caves, you’re in luck. James Cameron has acted as exec producer on a film called Sanctum, in which a group of explorers and daredevils ventures into the deepest cave on Earth. Where, of course, the unexpected happens, forcing the explorers to rely on their wits and willpower to escape. Watch the trailer after the break. Read More »


Universal has shifted a few films around on the calendar. New berths for The Adjustment Bureau, Paul, Kids in America, The Dark Fields, Sanctum and Devil after the break. Read More »