/Filmcast Ep. 493 – Overlord

overlord trailer

Jeff stays strong amid the wildfire raging near his house. The cast discuss Girl in the Spider’s Web, Midnight Diner, Bodyguard and end with an in-depth review of the war-horror film Overlord. David and Jeff challenge Liev Schreiber’s Michael Barbaro impression on SNL… tune in to decide who wins the “Barbar-off.”

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Movies to Watch With Overlord

WWII-era body horror is not a crowded subgenre. The blood gets thinner when you account for quality. But even though German Nazism has been tied to the occult since long before Indiana Jones tried to stop them from getting the Ark of the Covenant, it’s not that surprising that jackbooted sci-fi horror isn’t more popular. I mean, the point of making grisly schlock on the cheap is to keep it cheap, and war – even the fictional kind – isn’t cheap.

It’s that arena Julius Avery’s Overlord has jumped into. Once rumored to be another sneaky entry into the Cloverfield franchise (Cloverlord?), the action horror hybrid sends a handful of shaky soldiers into a fortress where Nazis are secretly doing…something…to people. Unfortunately for the paratroopers, they’ve gotta battle Hitler’s horde and the beastly things their scientists have unleashed.

So, let’s unleash six movies to double-feature with Overlord.

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Overlord opening scene

World War II has been the backdrop for tons of alternate history stories over the years, from Quentin Tarantino’s righteous reimagining in Inglourious Basterds to far more ridiculous riffs in projects like Iron Sky. Julius Avery‘s new Bad Robot movie Overlord is the latest film to use that real conflict for stylized drama, and now an extended clip from the first few minutes of the upcoming movie have parachuted onto the Internet. Check out the new clip below. Read More »

Overlord posters

Overlord, Paramount’s new World War II horror movie about a group of paratroopers who cross enemy lines and fight Nazi zombies, is set to swoop into theaters in a few days. But this is also a Bad Robot Production, and where there’s a bad robot, you know there’s a viral campaign not far behind.

Three newly-released Overlord posters have hidden messages embedded on them, and with a bit of detective work, fans can unlock tickets to early screenings. Keep reading to find out how. Read More »

overlord trailer final

The frights don’t end after October. November will see the release of Overlord, a World War II horror film from director Julius Avery that was once teased as being a Cloverfield movie. The bloody monster movie finds a group of paratroopers battling Nazi zombies, and really – what more do you need? Watch the latest Overlord trailer below.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Featurettes

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, we’ve got a batch of new featurettes going behind the scenes of the new World War II zombie thriller Overlord, looking at the legacy of Halloween after 40 years, and a peak at how one of the concert scenes from the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody used the voices of real fans to make the crowd sounds. Read More »

overlord trailer

Paramount Pictures has released the final trailer for Overlord, the highly anticipated Nazi zombie movie from Bad Robot that received bloody good reviews when it debuted at Fantastic Fest last month. And the final trailer for Overlord lives up to that praise, delivering even more gore and body horror.

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Overlord - Standoff at Sparrow Creek - Hold the Dark - Fantstic Fest 2018 Recap

(Welcome to The Fantastic Fest Diaries, where we will be chronicling every single movie we see at the United States’ largest genre film festival.)

Welcome to Fantastic Fest, day three. In this diary entry: a well-intentioned horror comedy, a thrilling Indian tale of terror, the latest from Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier, Bad Robot’s Nazi zombie adventure, and a one hell of a promising debut.

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Overlord Review

Julius Avery’s Overlord – fatigue-green pulp torn from Wolfenstein video games and sinister sci-fi abominations – delivers *almost* exactly what the words “WWII Nazi Zombie Movie” dare to suggest. Shades of The Thing, Re-Animator, and countless hardcore horror influences mystify sledgehammer-heavy “grunts and grit” military warfare. No sacrificing “one or the other” when it comes to Saving Private Ryan tactics vs. slobbering 28 Days Later speed chases once Bill Ray and Mark L. Smith’s screenplay faces its ultimate breaking point. A massive, bloodcurdling, mangled-faces-and-exploding-heads reach to boil that’s always building. Always seething. Always ready to jump headfirst into (heavy) action.

For a movie that promises Nazi mad scientists and their creations lurking the halls of some creeptacular abandoned church, Overlord packs a superhuman punch that’ll leave a gaping cavity in your chest. Read More »

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The New ‘Overlord’ Poster is Bloody Fantastic

Overlord peek

In an age where most official movie posters look like they were cranked out by a harried intern in between coffee runs, we should pause and appreciate whenever a new one-sheet looks like it was crafted with care and style. So hello, new poster for the J.J. Abrams-produced World War II horror movie, Overlord. You are very cool and clever. Why can’t your peers be more like you?

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