bandersnatch answers

In a move that, honestly, we all should’ve seen coming, it looks like Netflix saved everyone’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch answers. The streaming service has been mining all that data ever since the choose-your-own-adventure dropped, and they’re being tight-lipped about how long they plan to hang onto it. While this may seem relatively harmless, all things considered, there’s a certain invasion of privacy angle here that seems like it would be right at home in, well…a Black Mirror episode.

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netflix certified fresh movies

It seems to be commonly accepted that Netflix has a bad selection of movies…but not according to Rotten Tomatoes. Though the streaming giant has been dinged for having a streaming library that doesn’t seem to know movies before 1985, the number of Rotten Tomatoes “Certified Fresh” films on the service outnumbers all of its closest competitors combined.

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netflix price increase cancel

Netflix recently unleashed their biggest price increase ever, and some subscribers aren’t happy about it. A new survey reveals that Netflix might lose up to 27% of subscribers due to the price hike. Are you among them? Are you, too, ready to give Netflix the boot and head over to Hulu or Amazon Prime Video exclusively? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

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hulu prices

The battle for streaming supremacy is heating up. In the wake of news that Netflix was implementing its biggest price hike ever, Hulu prices are dropping. The cost of its average ad-supported subscription plan will decrease from $7.99 per month to $5.99 per month starting at the end of February.

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Netflix in Talks to Join the MPAA

netflix joining mpaa

On the heels of Netflix‘s historic first Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, the streaming giant may be taking big steps to becoming a major player in the movie business.

Netflix may join the Motion Picture Association of America, the Hollywood body responsible for the film rating system as well as copyright protection. All six major studios in Hollywood are currently represented at this trade association, and Netflix joining MPAA would make it the first streaming service to make that leap.

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Netflix Price Hike

Netflix is raising its prices — again. But while the last Netflix price hike at the end of 2017 raised its subscription plan prices by a small percentage, Netflix is immediately implementing its biggest price hike in company history. Read More »

bird box viewers

Netflix doesn’t usually like to give away their statistics, but in the case of Bird Box, they’re making an exception. According to the streaming giant itself, Bird Box viewers have totaled more than 45 million so far, giving the Sandra Bullock horror flick the “best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film.” That’s both surprising, and impressive. Hopefully Netflix will reward the birds in the box with some birdseed.

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Netflix movies in 2019

Netflix is an unstoppable machine, churning out more original programming by the minute. As we head into 2019, the streaming service has an ambitious plan: to release at least 90 movies. For reference, most traditional movie studios release around 30 movies a year – but Netflix wants to outpace that. And they probably will, too. Get ready for close to 100 Netflix movies in 2019.

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Netflix instant replay

If the rewind button was never enough for you, here’s some potentially good news: Netflix is testing an instant replay feature. This feature, dubbed instant scene-replay, allows viewers to pause whatever they’re watching and replay a just-watched scene. The streaming service claims this is just a test, and there’s no guarantee they might roll the feature out to everyone some day. But it’s definitely something they’re considering, which asks a big question…why?

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Daredevil cancellation

The strange saga that is the Daredevil cancelation continues. A new report reveals that Daredevil was canceled despite being the fourth-biggest show on Netflix. And still another report claims that it wasn’t Netflix who pulled the plug on the superhero series – it was Marvel themselves. Just what in the name of Hell’s Kitchen is going on here?

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