The Crown season 3 premiere

Wondering when you’ll get to see The Crown season 3, and also the Henry Cavill-starring adaptation of The Witcher? Good news: both will arrive later this year. While official dates haven’t been revealed yet, the streaming service confirmed that The Crown season 3 premiere is set for sometime after July this year. The Witcher, meanwhile, will debut sometime in the last three months of 2019.

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Streaming vs theaters

Who is winning the streaming vs. theaters war? Netflix and other streaming services are hurting movie theaters, right? Wrong. While that’s been a hot-button topic ever since streaming platforms began to become more prevalent in our lives, new data reveals that it’s just not true. In fact, people who tend to stream more also go to the movies more. It’s almost as if people who like to watch movies will also go to the movies! Weird, I know.

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Netflix Egyptian Theater

Netflix is getting into the movie theater business in a big way. The streaming giant has entered into talks with American Cinematheque to buy the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd. On the surface, this looks like the latest step in Netflix’s overarching plan to be taken seriously by the film industry, since many in the business still cringe at Netflix’s streaming-based model. But sources say this is more of a partnership between Netflix and Cinematheque, and not a sign of things to come. We’ll see.

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the politician premiere date

Ryan Murphy signed a huge deal with Netflix, and the first results of that deal will soon be upon us. The Politician, which Murphy co-created with Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, follows the political aspirations of a wealthy Santa Barbarian. The ambitious concept for the show will have each season dealing with a different type of political race the main character is dealing with. First up: Student Body President at his high school. The Politician premiere date has been officially announced by Netflix, along with the full cast.

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Netflix TV cancellation

The beloved Netflix series One Day at a Time was cancelled last week, and there’s still technically a chance it could get picked up elsewhere – but a new report indicates that it almost certainly won’t be snapped up by a rival streaming service. Read on to learn why, and to get a glimpse into the financial reasoning that goes into Netflix’s TV cancellations. Read More »

Spielberg and Netflix

After several bloody days of the Steven Spielberg vs. Netflix war, we may have finally arrived at a ceasefire. Despite reports to the contrary, Spielberg friend and colleague Jeffrey Katzenberg says that the filmmaker has no desire to change Academy rules to hinder Netflix. Apparently, this entire thing was a huge misunderstanding, with someone misquoting something someone else – not Spielberg – said. Is that it then? Can we all finally move on from this?

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steven spielberg netflix controversy

Steven Spielberg is having a moment right now, and I don’t mean in terms of his filmmaking. The acclaimed director has been making headlines lately because he can’t stop complaining about Netflix. Spielberg just can’t wrap his head around this whole “streaming movies at home instead of going to the theater” thing, and feels so serious about this that he’s taking his complaints to the Academy. Now, Netflix has responded…via Twitter. Really though, I’d like for this entire conflict to end, because it’s getting depressing.

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Spielberg hates Netflix

Hey, did you know Steven Spielberg is not a fan of Netflix? You should, because he’s voiced his displeasure with the streaming service several times. It’s not so much that Spielberg thinks Netflix makes bad movies. It’s that he doesn’t approve of their release model, since Netflix tends to skip theaters entirely. In the mind of Mr. Spielberg, movies that don’t play in theaters aren’t movies at all. Not content to simply grumble to himself, Spielberg is hoping to change the Academy Awards rules so that Netflix movies can’t qualify for nominations unless they play in theaters for a certain length of time.

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The Irishman Best Picture

We’re all excited for The Irishman, but no one is more excited than the folks at Netflix. Because in the eyes of the streaming giant, Martin Scorsese‘s new gangster epic is a one-way ticket to winning a Best Picture Oscar next year. Having not scored the top award at the recent Academy Awards with Roma, a new report reveals Netflix is going all-in on positioning The Irishman as a serious Oscar contender. In fact, they might even do something they’ve never done with one of their movies before: give it a wide theatrical release.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

the wandering earth

The Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth is an international smash. It’s earned $600 million worldwide in a little over two weeks of release, and in China, it’s already the second highest-grossing film of all time. That’s the type of hype Netflix can’t resist, so the streaming giant has snapped up the film with plans to release it soon. The 2,500-year spanning story is set in a future where the sun has died, forcing the inhabitants of Earth to turn the entire planet into a spaceship that they can move across the solar system.

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