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Before James Bond found new life in the form of Daniel Craig, Quentin Tarantino really wanted to make his own Bond movie with previous 007 Pierce Brosnan. Tarantino wanted to make his own Casino Royale, set in the ’50s or ’60s, with Brosnan possibly co-starring alongside Uma Thurman. The filmmaker even met with Brosnan about the project– but it never came to be. Both Tarantino and Brosnan have talked about this in the past, and recently, Brosnan elaborated a bit more on what happened.

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Honor Blackman dead

Honor Blackman, best known for playing one of the most iconic heroines of the James Bond franchise, has died at the age of 94. She played Pussy Galore in 1964’s Goldfinger, hands down one of the best female characters the long-running film franchise has ever seen. She also starred on the British TV series The Avengers, and appeared in projects like Jason and the Argonauts, The Secret of My Success, Doctor WhoBridget Jones’s Diary, and more. Read More »

daniel craig injuries

Last week, No Time to Die, the 25th James Bond movie, was delayed until November. But it seems as if some publicity demands were already in place for actor Daniel Craig, who is playing the British super spy for the final time. Despite the film’s delay, Craig hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and also appears as the new cover star of GQ magazine, where he gave an in-depth interview explaining why there has been a five year gap since the previous Bond movie and the many injuries he’s sustained while playing the character. Read on for some highlights below. Read More »

No Time to Die release date

No Time to Die, the 25th James Bond film, has become the first major Hollywood tentpole film to delay its global release because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The movie, which was slated to premiere in London later this month and open globally in early April, has been pushed all the way back to November 12, 2020 in the U.K. and November 25, 2020 everywhere else. But with worldwide concern rising as the coronavirus continues to infect more and more people across multiple countries, it seems as if MGM and United Artists Releasing (who is releasing the film domestically) and Universal (who is handling international distribution) have decided that it’s better to be cautious than to take a Bond-esque “dive in head first and deal with the consequences later” approach. Read More »

no time to die tv spot

Excuse me, do you have time to die? If not, I understand – but you might want to make time to watch this No Time to Die TV spot, because it’s loaded with new footage. That footage includes Ana de Armas kicking some fool in the face – and honestly, isn’t that enough? There also appears to be some new insight into the plot of the film, which has Bond working with old enemies.

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no time to die runtime

Ready for the longest Bond movie yet? Well, you better get ready, because it looks like No Time to Die is going to clock in at almost three-hours-long. The latest (and final) entry in Daniel Craig‘s tenure as 007 has been reported by multiple sources as 163 minutes long. That would officially make it the longest James Bond movie, although all of the Craig films – save for Quantum of Solace – have had hefty runtimes.

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No Time to Die featurette

We’re less than two months from the release of No Time to Die, the 25th movie in the long-running James Bond film franchise, and it looks like Daniel Craig‘s 007 is going out in style.

Today, a new featurette has arrived that’s narrated by co-writer/director Cary Joji Fukunaga, in which he showcases lots of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the film and talks about his approach to this milestone moment in the Bond saga. Read More »

No Time to Die Super Bowl Spot

Any new James Bond movie is a big deal, but No Time to Die is a bigger deal than usual. It’s Daniel Craig‘s final outing as Agent 007 and it’s also the twenty-fifth film in the franchise. That’s an astonishing number to reach and that means the Craig and director Cary Joji Fukunaga have to deliver the goods. You don’t want to mess this one up, after all.

Thankfully, the new Super Bowl spot (featuring new snippets of action-packed footage) promises something big and appropriately intense. Check it out below.

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no time to die plot details

Daniel Craig‘s James Bond era is the saga of a man eternally in the need of a break. Craig’s 007 has attempted to retire numerous times before, and his latest effort to leave the espionage world forever at the beginning of No Time to Die will inevitably also fail. But how exactly did they pull him back in? New No Time to Die plot details reveal the reason that Bond is back for one more go-around (and a last one for Craig), and what it has to do with Chrisotph Waltz’s returning Spectre villain Blofeld.

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bond details

This year sees the release of the 25th James Bond movie, No Time to Die, which is also going to be the last time we see Daniel Craig as 007. As Bond franchise owners Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson look to the future, they’re also opening up a bit about the series as a whole. In a new wide-ranging interview, Broccoli and Wilson discuss the next Bond, who will definitely be male, no matter what, but not necessarily white, and potential spin-offs that never happened.

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