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Today, Amazon closed a deal to buy MGM. That deal includes a backlog of James Bond films, which might make some folks immediately assume that any new Bond movie will be dropping directly onto Amazon Prime Video instead of heading to theaters. But it looks like that’s not the case. Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have both committed to keeping 007 a theatrical experience. Of course, it’s also worth noting that the rights to Bond aren’t as simple as you might think.

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‘No Time to Die’ Delayed Again to October 2021

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It’s déjà vu all over again. No Time to Die was one of the first blockbusters to be pushed back in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many thought the situation would be better by now, including MGM, who initially pushed the movie back to November 2020, only to delay it again to April 2021. Now the James Bond sequel has been given a fall release date again as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the United States and many parts of the world. Read More »

Doug Liman changed the game with The Bourne Identity. The director’s grounded vision for what many eventually came to see as “America’s James Bond” influenced action movies for years, and arguably still continues to do so. When James Bond was rebooted with Casino Royale and beyond, audiences and critics spotted an unmistakable Bourne influence. More inner conflict, more brutal hand-to-hand combat, and the gadgets and toys flew out the window. 007 became a spy in the modern world, similar to the tone Liman struck with his Robert Ludlum adaptation.

To this day, Liman doesn’t know how to feel about it.

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When will it be time to see No Time to Die? Apparently, the answer is, “Fall 2021, maybe?” The latest James Bond adventure has already had its release date shuffled around before, and currently, it’s sitting on an April 2021 release date. But multiple sources are reporting that the film is all but certain to move again – likely to sometime in the fall. While this news will no doubt disappoint Bond fans, it can hardly come as a surprise at this point.

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The name’s Soderbergh. Steven Soderbergh.

The prolific filmmaker behind Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic, Erin Brockovich, and dozens of other movies recently confirmed that he once came close to directing a James Bond film. Read his quotes about that time and how he was able to channel some of his ideas for the world’s most famous spy into other projects. Read More »

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YouTube is officially giving James Bond fans the license to stream the spy movies for free. The first 19 Bond films, ranging from Sean Connery‘s first outing as 007 in 1962’s Dr. No to Pierce Brosnan‘s 1999 film The World is Not Enough, are available to stream on YouTube free of charge. But only if you live in the U.S.

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The first James Bond video game in eight years is on its way, and it’s coming from IO Interactive, the respected developer behind the hit Hitman games. Intriguingly, it will be a “wholly original story” that tells the origins of Bond and how be came to be the world’s most famous martini-sipping secret agent.

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For many, the quintessential image of James Bond comes from Sean Connery, the iconic actor who played the British spy across seven total films in the franchise but did so with his trademark Scottish accent. Sadly, the star of Dr. No and From Russian with Love has passed away at age 90, leaving behind a long legacy of memorable roles. Read More »

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No Time to Die may be the one major studio film hardest hit by coronavirus (COVID-19) delays. The latest James Bond flick was set to open in theaters right on the cusp of the March COVID-19 lockdowns, with MGM making the decision to delay the film to November 2020. Then the pandemic wore on, and delays and straight-t0-streaming releases became the norm. No Time to Die was delayed once again to an April 2021 theatrical release. But before it was pushed back, MGM had seriously considered releasing No Time to Die straight to streaming.

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No Time to Die Motorcycle Stunt

Even though Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible franchise have become known for their death-defying practical stunts, Daniel Craig and the James Bond franchise have staged their fair share of cinematic mayhem. In fact, one particular No Time to Die stunt during the film’s production in Matera, Italy required a city street to be sprayed with 8,400 gallons of Coca-Cola, and it’s not even an egregious piece of production placement where James Bond crashes into a Coca-Cola truck. Read More »