David Harbour Hosting Saturday Night Live

Based on David Harbour‘s general enthusiasm in any given situation, we knew that he would have plenty of fun hosting Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, it seems like the writers might have been tired in their third episode in a row, because the sketches were rather middling in their comedy. Thankfully, there were a couple of great standout sketches, including one that has David Harbour giving a Joker-inspired gritty take on Oscar the Grouch.

Without further adieu, let’s run through the best and worst sketches from the David Harbour hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Grouch (Joker Parody) – I wondered how long it would be before we got a proper parody of Joker that would turn another well-known character into a twisted psychopath. In this case, it’s an origin story for Oscar the Grouch, who is very concerned with how messed up things are getting on Sesame Street. Seeing the seedy, human versions of characters like Mr. Snuffleupagus, Bert and Ernie, and Big Bird is fairly creepy, but it’s also downright hilarious.

Little Miss Teacher’s Friend – Everyone knew that one kid who was way too much of a kiss-up in school. This pageant takes those kids and perfectly lampoons them in the form of a pageant. Aidy Bryant, Melissa Villaseñor, Kate McKinnon and Chloe Fineman participate in the competition, each perfectly playing a weird little kid who is far too friendly with their teacher (Ego Nwodim). The kids are just the right amount of precocious and weird. Also, I don’t know what’s with the principal (David Harbour) yelling at the teacher cheering for him, but that’s hilarious.

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