Indiana Jones 5 writer

Update: We’ve heard from a source close to the production that some of this rumored information is inaccurate. Read on for the details.

Last year, we found out that David Koepp, who wrote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was being replaced by Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan as the Indiana Jones 5 writer. Kasdan reportedly started from scratch on a new draft, bumping the film’s release date back in the process. (Director Steven Spielberg is busy with his West Side Story remake anyway.)

Now a new rumor says This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman is the latest writer to come on board, and that his new script will have an entirely different premise than Kasdan’s. Find out what Kasdan’s story was going to be about below. Read More »

Jennifer Lawrence A24 Film Story

Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t played the lead in a movie since the trashy spy thriller Red Sparrow, but she’s ready to return to a starring role with a new A24 movie. Word of the project surfaced last week, but specifics were unknown at the time. Now, the first plot details have surfaced, revealing that the Jennifer Lawrence A24 film story focuses on a soldier struggling to adapt to life back home. In addition to that, Brian Tyree Henry is being sought to play the male lead opposite Lawrence.

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Star Wars 4K Blu-ray Box Set

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting Disney is working on a Star Wars 4K Blu-ray box set of the entire Skywalker Saga. The three prequel films, the three original Star Wars films to hit theaters, and the latest trilogy, will all be packaged together in one giant box set. The rumor states that the set will feature 4K scans of the original negatives, which suggests we might be getting the original versions of the original trilogy, not just the special editions with the additional special effects. Fingers crossed.

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Ewoks TV show

Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is going to be home to all sorts of original Star Wars content, from live-action shows to animated series. Confirmed shows include The Mandolorian, a series about Rogue One character Cassian Andor, and a new animated Clone Wars. Then there are rumors about a series involving Solo character Qi’ra, and even a potential Obi Wan series. Now we have yet another rumored series to add to the pile: a show about Ewoks! Yes, those furry freedom fighters who love to dance, sing and murder stormtroopers, might be getting their own TV show. Details are extremely vague at the moment, but that won’t stop us from speculating!

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bohemian rhapsody sequel

Update: We reached out to Graham King, the producer who spent years ushering Bohemian Rhapsody to the big screen, to ask about the validity of this claim about a sequel. His publicist tells us it is not true. Our original article continues.

This story is making the rounds, so it is our duty to bring it to you – even though it’s probably a bunch of bull. A Queen music video director recently claimed that a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel was probably in the works. I suppose there’s a way to justify this if it’s true: Bohemian Rhapsody was a huge hit, and even won a few Oscars – including Best Actor. That’s the type of hype producers like to cash in on. The problem is Bohemian Rhapsody concludes, more or less, at the end of Freddie Mercury’s life. But maybe, just maybe, if this sequel is happening, it’s about how the rest of Queen continued on after Mercury’s death. The question is: would anyone want to watch that?

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new christopher nolan movie details

Update: According to Warner Bros., this story – which originated with Production Weekly – is incorrect, and describing Christopher Nolan‘s new film as “North by Northwest meets Inception” is inaccurate. It’s worth noting that Production Weekly is usually reliable, which might mean there’s at least some truth to this description, but that Nolan and company are unhappy with it being out there at this time. Recently, Production Weekly broke the news about another film – an adaptation of The Colour Out of Space starring Nicolas Cage. We reported that story too, and while our details were accurate, the producers of the film asked us to pull it, as the announcement was premature. Eventually, the official story came out. For now, take everything below with a grain of salt. In short, we still don’t know what Nolan’s new movie is about.

Our original story continues below.

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Star Wars Disney+ rumors

Over the past couple of days, a pair of rumors cropped up claiming that nine Star Wars Disney+ spin-off shows are in early stages of development. We have not been able to verify these rumors, but Disney+ is going to need content and Star Wars is one of the most popular properties around, so it’s not completely unreasonable to think that a few of these ideas may actually be kicking around in the halls of the Mouse House.

In lieu of treating any of these spin-off ideas as if they’re the absolute truth, we’re just going to rank them in the order we’d want to see them. Are we looking at Jedi Master-level ideas here, or are some of these show concepts nothing but Bantha Droppings? Read on to find out.
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Tom Cruise Almost Left Mission Impossible

We all assumed it was supposed to happen, and now we know for sure. Tom Cruise really was supposed to step aside as the Mission: Impossible lead after Ghost Protocol to make way for Jeremy Renner. That all changed, however, when Christopher McQuarrie was brought in to handle rewrites. Now, of course, it’s almost impossible to think of Mission: Impossible without Cruise. But such a reality came very close to happening.

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ghostbusters 3 plot details

Everyone’s buzzing about Jason Reitman‘s Ghostbusters 3. The project was a well-kept secret for a while, but now it’s out there, and inquiring minds want to know: what the heck is the movie going to be about? It was previously reported that the script focused on a four teenagers who take up the Ghostbusters mantle, and now, some potential Ghostbusters 3 plot details have surfaced providing a little more information. The story allegedly features conspiracy theories, dark secrets about a small town, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, and more.

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bird box memes

We come to you now with a very important story. Perhaps the most important story you will ever read. Since Bird Box dropped on Netflix December 21, the internet has been inundated with Bird Box memes. Lots of them. So many, in fact, that it’s starting to get suspicious. Now, a new conspiracy theory has surfaced suggesting Netflix is creating the memes themselves, in an effort to drum up more awareness for the Sandra Bullock film. Who knows how high his conspiracy goes!?

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