The Future

HBO Max is developing a sci-fi tech drama called The Future, which is based on author Dan Frey‘s upcoming book. Matt Reeves (The Batman) is set to executive produce the series alongside Aneesh Chaganty, Natalie Qasabian, and Sev Ohanian, the trio behind films like 2018’s innovative Searching and last year’s thriller Run.

Plus, Sony’s Stage 6 has announced that it has found a pair of directors to helm Searching 2, which will be set in the same universe as the first film but follow a whole new cast of characters. Get the details on both of these projects below. Read More »

morbius release date

Jared Leto‘s Morbius will rise…in seven months. Sony’s living vampire has got his chompers in a new release date, following the studio’s latest delay of the Marvel film.

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Uncharted Movie Photos

It’s been a little while since we got our first official look at the upcoming big screen adaptation of the video game franchise Uncharted. However, rather than tackling any of the stories from the video game series, the movie will be a prequel that gives us a younger version of adventurer and treasure hunter Nathan Drake, played by Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise star Tom Holland.

The story for the Uncharted movie from director Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Zombieland) is still under tight wraps, but the mystery at the center of the adventure has been teased in a batch of new images showing off some interesting artifacts that Nathan Drake will encounter. Get a look at the new Uncharted movie photos below and see if there’s anything to decipher. Read More »

resident evil reboot

There must be some level of irony around a video game movie about a deadly pandemic wrapping up production amid a real-life pandemic. But the context in which the new Resident Evil film has been filming is certainly not intentional, as the Johannes Roberts-helmed reboot is Sony and Constantin Film’s newest expansion of a film franchise that began with Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2002 film. Anderson would direct or co-write the next five films in the series, but he steps away from the franchise completely with the latest Resident Evil movie, which has no connections to the previous films and is on track to be released theatrically in 2021.

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sony hbo max deal

Warner Bros. made history – and a lot of people angry – when they announced they planned to release their upcoming 2021 theatrical slate directly to HBO Max. While the idea is appealing to those who want to view big new movies from the safety of their own home, cinephiles worry that this might signal the death of the theatrical experience. On top of that, creatives – filmmakers, actors, and beyond – are feeling betrayed and annoyed.

Having these titles available to stream could impact box office (the films are still getting theatrical releases the same day they hit HBO Max), which in turn could hurt people financially (lots of actors and filmmakers get an extra payday depending on how well their film does at the box office). To add insult to injury, many of the people involved with the upcoming 2021 Warner Bros. titles say they were never told WB was planning on doing this.

Because of all of this, it looks like the Warner Bros. decision might be benefiting rival studio Sony.

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The Karate Kid Reunited Apart

The Karate Kid has already enjoyed a reunion in the form of the original series Cobra Kai, which recently made the jump from YouTube to Netflix. With a third season debuting on the streaming service in January 2021, there’s no better time for Josh Gad to round up the cast and filmmakers from both The Karate Kid film franchise and the Cobra Kai series on Reunited Apart for one of the most packed episodes yet. So get ready to wax on and off while sweeping the leg in this latest nostalgia trip. Read More »

Who Is Playing Whitney Houston? - Naomi Ackie

Whitney Houston was an incomparable, chart-topping singer with a powerful voice and a vivacious presence. So finding someone to play the singer/actress required a worldwide search to find the perfect actress to bring her to life in the upcoming biopic I Wanna Dance with Somebody. But rather than finding an unknown star, it’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker co-star Naomi Ackie who has landed the lead role in the Sony/TriStar production coming to theaters in the fall of 2022. Read More »

funimation buys crunchyroll

This news may just take the top spot for Top 10 Anime Crossovers: Sony’s anime distribution company Funimation has bought the anime streaming service Crunchyroll from AT&T for a whopping $1.2 billion, merging the two anime superpowers together in a deal that could bring massive change to the industry.

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monster hunter apology

Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Monster Hunter has gotten a lot of attention in the last few days – and not the good kind. The action film opened in China last weekend and ended up being pulled from theaters due to backlash over a racist joke. Now, Anderson and co-star Jin Au-Yeung – who says the joke in the film – have issued an apology. Meanwhile, plans for the movie’s domestic release have changed – instead of opening in theaters on Christmas Day as previously announced, Monster Hunter will now arrive earlier, on December 18. And just in case you’re not sick of Monster Hunter at this point, there’s a new clip, too.

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spider-man 3 cast

J. Jonah Jameson is about to be replete with pictures of Spider-Man. Hot off the news that Alfred Molina would be reprising his role as Doctor Octopus in Sony and Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 3, more casting news has emerged that will give star Tom Holland quite a bit of competition for the best webslinger. A new report reveals that the upcoming Spider-Man 3 will bring back past Peter Parkers, Andrew Garfield from the Amazing Spider-Man movies and Tobey Maguire of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, along with Kirsten Dunst‘s Mary Jane. Emma Stone is also in talks to return as Gwen Stacy.

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