‘Bad Boys 4’ is Already in the Works

bad boys 4

Even though it took a very long time to get Bad Boys For Life, AKA Bad Boys 3, off the ground, there are already plans for Bad Boys 4. Sony is said to be developing the project with hopes that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for yet another outing as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Is there anything even left to say in this franchise? Maybe not. But Sony is going to try anyway.

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Seth Rogen Rewrote Bad Boys II

This weekend brings the release of Bad Boys for Life, but before the movie hits theaters, we’ve got a surprising bit of trivia that just came to light about Michael Bay‘s Bad Boys II.

Even though the script for Bad Boys II was written by Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, White Men Can’t Jump) and Jerry Stahl (Moonlighting, Twin Peaks), there was a rewrite done by The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up writer/director Judd Apatow, and he asked Superbad and Pineapple Express writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to help him out. Yeah, shit just got real. Read More »

Bad Boys Honest Trailer

Bad Boys for Life arrives in theaters this week, but before you see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action, you can see them making the publicity rounds to promote the movie. In a little Bad Boys video round-up, we’ve got the dynamic duo attending a therapy session in character as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, their Hollywood alter egos going shopping for some sweet kicks, and a Bad Boys Honest Trailer taking us all the way back to the start. Read More »

Morbius MCU Connection

The first trailer for Morbius arrived today, teasing a character from Marvel Comics who typically has connections to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Since it was announced, the film has always been considered a Spider-Man spin-off like Venom, but the first footage revealed today paints a confusing picture as to whether or not this movie connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or if it will take place in the universe established by Venom where there seems to be no Spider-Man. In fact, there’s even one detail that appears to reference the version of Spider-Man from Sam Raimi‘s trilogy of films. Read More »

morbius trailer

Jared Leto is not joking around with Morbius. The Suicide Squad actor is totally fine with Joker‘s leading Oscar nominations this morning because he has an official trailer for the Sony comic book movie in which he stars as a living vampire. The next film in Sony’s Spider-Man-adjacent universe (after Venom), Morbius follows a scientist who accidentally turns himself into a vampire. Watch the Morbius trailer below.

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Ruben Fleischer directing Gangster Squad

Just before New Year’s Eve, Sony Pictures lost yet another director who was attached to helm the video game adaptation Uncharted. The project felt like it was finally becoming a reality, but then Dan Trachtenberg left. He was replaced a month later by Travis Knight, but the fast-track that Sony had the movie on resulted in him leaving too. Now we’re dealing with the eighth director who will attempt to make the project happen: Venom and Zombieland franchise director Ruben Fleischer. Read More »

little women personality types

Are you a Jo or an Amy? Personality tests that identify you as part one Little Woman character, part this breed of dog, seem like a new digital invention — made to power Buzzfeed’s traffic or create conversations centered around “OMG you’re such a Miranda!” But personality tests reach far back as ancient times, and I’m not just talking about the mid 19th century when Louisa May Alcott first published her classic novel Little Women.

One of the elements that makes Little Women such an enduring classic is the four women at the center of it, and the four wildly different personality types they represent: Meg, the responsible and forever compromising one; Jo, the fiery and ambitious one; Beth, the sensitive and shy one; Amy, the vain and social one. Every reader of Alcott’s book could identify with at least one of the characters, though they almost always aspired to be the tomboyish, indomitable Jo. Alcott by no means invented these personality types when she published her book in 1868, nor would she be the last to convey them by such clear delineations: just look at the ambitious one, the sensitive one, the sexy one, and the leader of Sex and the City, or the four mutant ninja turtles of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Look at how we label the members of boy bands! They’re all similar personality types (barring maybe the sexy one of TMNT) that stretch back to ancient Greek tradition and the concept of the four temperaments.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood extended cut

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is already a long movie, but it’s about to get even longer. Quentin Tarantino shot a lot of footage for his latest film, and there’s a chance we might get to see it all in about a year. Rumors of an extended cut of Hollywood have abounded ever since the film premiered, including the potential for a Netflix miniseries release – something Tarantino did for an extended version of The Hateful Eight. During a recent Q&A, Tarantino confirmed that a longer cut does indeed exist, and it might be released.

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the grudge clip

When you’ve got Lin Shaye in a horror movie, you know you’re in for some thrills. The horror stalwart has become an unusual new scream queen in recent years, with roles in the Insidious movies and Oujia. Now she’s lending her genre star power to The Grudge, a remake directed by The Eyes of My Mother filmmaker Nicolas Pesce. As the film hits theaters this weekend, Sony Pictures has released a new The Grudge clip showing Shaye playing a rather creepy game of peekaboo. Watch The Grudge clip below.

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uncharted movie director

Sony’s Uncharted movie continues to be just as cursed as the treasure that protagonist Nathan Drake has sought in the games.

The long-brewing film adaptation of the popular video game series has just lost director Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings, Bumblebee) to a scheduling conflict, making him the seventh filmmaker – seventh! – to be attached and then part ways with this project. But Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are still attached, leaving a sliver of hope that this movie will actually happen one day. Read More »