I could not help but snicker, seated at a screening of the new Netflix film Outlaw King, as one of the studio logos appeared on screen. The studio name is Anonymous Content; in and of itself, it’s not a funny name, but over the last few years, if there’s anything truly consistent about Netflix Original Movies, it’s that they feel like…well, anonymous content. It’s hard for a week to go by without Netflix just dropping a new movie on its service, seemingly at random: here’s a new romantic comedy! Here’s a new David Wain film! How about a dystopian sci-fi pet project from Duncan Jones? And hey, we’re going to just release the new Cloverfield movie on Super Bowl Sunday, too, just to keep you on your toes.

Netflix’s choice to disrupt how movies are released and made is all well and good, but for a long time, their only pattern was randomly throwing tons of things at the wall (rather, the cloud) and hoping something stuck. But things may be changing. Somewhat.

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marti noxon netflix

Netflix has scored its latest high-profile TV creator. Hot off the heels of her acclaimed HBO miniseries Sharp ObjectsMarti Noxon has signed a multi-year overall deal with the streaming giant.

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bird box early buzz

Netflix recently made the unprecedented decision to release three of its Oscar contender films in theaters before they hit streaming. Two of which were expected — Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar frontrunner Roma, the Coen Brothers’ anthology Western The Ballad of Buster Scruggs — but the third was something of a question mark: Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and directed by Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier (The Night Manager). Right off the bat, Bird Box doesn’t seem like an Oscar movie, but the theatrical release of the film kind of makes sense: it stars an Oscar winner, is directed by a foreign film Oscar winner, and is a apocalyptic horror film that recalls this year’s smash hit, A Quiet Place.

But is the Bird Box early buzz actually good? Here is what critics who saw the film at its world premiere at the AFI Film Fest have to say about the film.

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a series of unfortunate events season 3 trailer

A Series of Unfortunate Events is returning to Netflix for a final season. The series, adapted from Lemony Snicket‘s marvelously macabre books, will once again pit the Baudelaire orphans against the overly theatrical Count Olaf. The final season promises to bring everything to a possibly unfortunate conclusion at the start of the new year. Watch the A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 trailer below.

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Roma Trailer

One of the biggest awards contenders this year is likely to be Roma, the latest film from Gravity and Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón, but it’s nothing like either of those two films. Instead, the filmmaker has crafted a family drama that many critics are calling a masterpiece. You’ll see why in the new Roma trailer that was just released by Netflix. Read More »

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 12 Trailer

Jonah and the bots are back for an all-new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, subjecting viewers to a plethora of terrible movies. The only way for the gang to survive is through the ancient tradition of riffing – but will this be the season that breaks them for good? It’s very possible, as one of the bad movies being riffed this year is none other than the immortal E.T. rip-off Mac and Me. Watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 season 12 trailer below.

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Alamo Drafthouse Not Playing Roma

Netflix is changing up their distribution game a bit by giving some of their original movies from prestige filmmakers a theatrical release. One of the key awards season releases from Netflix slated to hit theaters is Alfonso Cuaron‘s acclaimed drama Roma, but it sounds like at least one signature movie theater chain won’t be playing it.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a favorite theater chain among cinephiles, but moviegoers won’t be able to see Roma at any Drafthouse theaters, because the chain won’t agree to the strict specifications Netflix wants in place in order for the movie to be shown. Read More »

Sabrina Christmas Episode

If you need more Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in your life, Netflix has an early holiday present for you. A Sabrina Christmas episode will be streaming next month, along with a sleigh-full of holiday-based entertainment. The Sabrina special, titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale, will focus around the Church of Night’s celebration of the Winter Solstice, which means you probably shouldn’t expect your traditional Christmas special. Learn more about the Sabrina Christmas episode, and the other Netflix holiday entertainment, below.

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netflix trailers our planet

Netflix can’t stop, won’t stop! There was a time when the streaming service was primarily known for providing subscribers with other people‘s content. Those days are gone! Week after week, the streaming giant unleashes new original programming, and you, the hungry viewing public, lap it up like a lioness of the Serengeti lapping up the blood of a fresh kill. Below, check out some new Netflix trailers for international shows 1983 and Dogs of Berlin, and the Planet Earth–like docu-series Our Planet.

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Cam Trailer

In this day and age, you can get anything and everything online, especially when it comes to pornography. There are even sites where you can watch guys and girls live on webcam and pay money to get them to perform certain activities, sometimes even those that are non-sexual. But one cam girl is about to find out what happens when the world of social networking creepily turns on her just as she’s finding online fame in the Netflix original thriller Cam.

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