Uprising movie

Travis Knight, the CEO of Laika and director of movies like Kubo and the Two Strings and Paramount’s live-action Bumblebee prequel, is heading to Netflix for his next project. It’s a vampire action-thriller called Uprising, which is based on Raymond Villareal’s book A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising that tracks what happens when a global virus turns people into bloodsucking creatures of the night.  Read More »

sweet tooth trailer new

The Sweet Tooth comic series from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint is dark and foreboding and even dips into horror territory. But the new Netflix series based on the comic is taking a different route. The tone has been changed to be something a tad more family-friendly, and that might not go over so well with folks who loved the comic. But newcomers looking for a fantasy-infused series might find something to love. Watch the Sweet Tooth trailer below.

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kate first look

After Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s scene-stealing performance in Birds of Prey proved that the actress has some bonafide action chops, it feels like there haven’t been enough people calling for Winstead to become the next big action star. But Netflix is already ahead of the game with Kate, an action-thriller starring Winstead as an assassin on a job in Tokyo, who only has 24 hours to live before a poison kills her. See the Kate first look images below.

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Though we continue to see movies with ’80s-inspired aesthetics, we’re starting to see modern films embrace the 00’s, and even the 2010s, especially in how they deal with social media and our relationship with it. The problem is that the use of current references in a movie, like the use of memes or viral songs, can make a film feel dated or even gimmicky by the time they’re released. That’s not the case with The Mitchells vs The Machines, a film that perfectly brings the Extremely Online Generation to life and captures the look of YouTube videos from the early 2010s without feeling like a relic.

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ultraman movie

Ultraman is one of the biggest superheroes in Japan, though you’d be hard pressed to find people who know of it outside of the country’s borders, or outside of the tokusatsu/anime community. But Netflix is looking to change that. Netflix is setting up a CG-animated Ultraman movie with the help of Industrial Light and Magic, the VFX company founded by George Lucas. And it wants this animated Ultraman movie to boost the character’s global popularity to the likes of Godzilla or Pokémon.

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castlevania season 4 images

The animated video game adaptation of Castlevania has seen remarkable success. As one of Netflix’s early original animated shows (it premiered in 2017), this series can be considered a milestone in the growing presence of narrative-driven, sophisticated adult animated projects that have emerged over the past few years. It’s hard not to look at Blood of Zeus, also animated by the Austin-based Powerhouse Animation Studios, or the recent video game-based Dota: Dragon’s Blood and see its influence. Created and written by Warren Ellis, this dark fantasy series has acquired a reputation as one of the few video game-inspired projects to stick its landing.

Based on the Konami video game franchise, Castlevania does not require an investment in the source material to enjoy its fantasy, which is rife with Ayami Kojima-inspired artwork and Gothic designs. That is, unless you recognize the orchestral use of “Bloody Tears” in a balletic fight sequence. And if you do, you’re absolutely the target audience here. And if not, you still might be.

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the woman in the window review

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a new movie that could qualify for the “so bad it’s good” designation, but The Woman in the Window comes pretty darn close. Already infamous for being long-delayed (it was supposed to open in theaters in 2019) and for its extensive reshoots, the Joe Wright-directed adaptation of the bestselling novel arrives on Netflix and robs a bunch of talented people of their dignity in the process. Here is proof that you can hire a skilled director, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and a killer cast and still end up with junk. But is it at least entertaining junk? No, not really. You might get a cheap thrill from the absurdity of it all, though.

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Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes is back on the case at Netflix.

Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, Godzilla vs. Kong) is returning to reprise the titular role in Enola Holmes 2, a follow-up movie that’s heading to the streaming service. Writer Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials), director Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag), and actor Henry Cavill are all coming back as well, with Cavill reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes, the master detective and older brother to Brown’s Enola.
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army of the dead opening

You can now watch the best part of Army of the Dead – the opening 15 minutes. That includes a damn great opening credits scene, something that Zack Snyder seems to specialize in (remember how cool those Watchmen opening credits were? I do). Whatever you might say of his films, the man knows how to stage some opening credits. Snyder’s zombie heist flick opens in select theaters this week before hitting Netflix next week, but if you can’t wait that long, this might hold you over.

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knives out 2 cast kathryn hahn

Just when you think the Knives Out 2 cast couldn’t get any cooler, director Rian Johnson goes ahead and makes it even better by adding Kathryn Hahn. Hot off her scene-stealing work in WandaVision (though to be fair, she’s been doing scene-stealing work for years now), Hahn will join Daniel CraigDave Bautista, Janelle Monae, and Edward Norton. Once again, Craig’s Benoit Blanc will be trying to solve a mystery featuring a large cast of suspects. Craig is the only character from the first film returning for the sequel.

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