Wonder Woman 1984 Clips

Wonder Woman 1984 might have been flying high in its opening weekend, with the biggest post-pandemic opening yet, but it experienced a steep drop at domestic theaters in its second weekend. But whether that’s down to the unusual day-and-date release on HBO Max or poor word-of-mouth buzz is still uncertain.

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demon slayer box office

Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 masterpiece Spirited Away was a major global crossover hit — a critical and commercial success that earned the animated film an Oscar, and the title as Japan’s highest-grossing film in history, beating out Hollywood blockbuster Titanic. But 19 years after its release, Spirited Away has lost its crown to Demon Slayer.

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wonder woman 1984 box office

Wonder Woman 1984 hit HBO Max on Christmas Day, but it also opened in theaters. This means for the first time in a while we have some box office numbers for a big studio movie, and guess what? Those numbers aren’t too shabby! To be clear, Wonder Woman 1984‘s opening weekend box office haul would be a disappointment in a normal year, but this isn’t a normal year. At the moment, Wonder Woman 1984 is looking at a $17 million domestic opening – good enough to bolster movie theater stocks. But there’s still a long way to go.

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the croods 2 box office

The weekend after Thanksgiving typically sees some of the biggest drops of the year — which would mean something if we weren’t in a pandemic. On the plus side, this year’s post-Thanksgiving weekend drop was only about 40%, compared to the average 50% drop. Which doesn’t mean much when the few films that are showing in U.S. theaters at this time made less than $9 million all together this past weekend.

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The Croods 2 2020 Thanksgiving Box Office

Considering how many people decided it was okay to fly across the country for Thanksgiving in the middle of a pandemic, it should come as no surprise that some people were also willing to risk their lives to see what an animated caveman family has been up to after seven years.

The Croods 2: A New Age opened in theaters for the holiday weekend, and while it had no problem taking the top spot at the box office and surpassing Tenet for the biggest box office opening since the coronavirus pandemic began, these numbers are still nothing to brag about. Read More »

Freaky Box Office

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to get worse in the United States, many states are tightening restrictions on non-essential businesses and gatherings of people. That may not stop the plethora of idiots who are still forcing their Thanksgiving plans into existence despite the irresponsibility of it all, but it did result in the shutdown of nearly 700 theaters this past weekend, making for a poor showing at the box office on a weekend that is typically full of huge blockbusters. Read More »

Universal Cinemark deal

Several months after Universal Filmed Entertainment Group signed a deal with AMC Theatres, the company has now signed a separate deal with Cinemark Theatres with a different set of details giving movies a shortened theatrical window. Here’s what you need to know. Read More »

tenet release nolan

Once upon a time, Tenet was going to be the movie that saved movie theaters. To be fair, no one directly involved with the movie actually said that out loud. But it was an assumption that set in – an assumption that the film would open in the summer and revitalize the coronavirus-stricken box office. Of course, as we all know, the movie didn’t even open over the summer. Instead, it got pushed to September. And rather than save theaters, Tenet seemed to signal the beginning of the end, despite pretty good box office returns. Now, director Christopher Nolan is weighing-in on what happened.

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The War with Grandpa Box Office

As if 2020 wasn’t already weird enough, the family comedy The War with Grandpa, starring Robert De Niro and directed by Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties filmmaker Tim Hill, has dethroned Christopher Nolan‘s sci-fi action blockbuster Tenet from the top spot on the box office charts. All it took was $3.6 million to knock Tenet out of the number one spot, which it held for six weekends in a row. But how did the rest of the weekend fare? Did any other movies from the past return to the charts? Find out below. Read More »

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tenet box office update

Hey, remember Tenet? The movie that was going to save movies until it didn’t? Well, it’s still playing, which means it’s still taking in box office dollars, which means I am bound by law to report them. I have no choice in the matter, and neither do you. You must read this or you’ll be in big, big trouble. Christopher Nolan‘s latest cerebral action-thriller has just now crossed the $300 million mark globally, which isn’t bad, until you remember that the flick needs to hit at least $800 million to break even.

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