Biggest Box Office Bomb of 2019

The 2020 box office is currently paused, so let’s jump in the Wayback machine and look at the biggest failure of 2019, shall we? A new report reveals that the biggest box office bomb of 2019 was none other than X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the final nail in the coffin of Fox’s X-Men franchise. Yes, even Cats was a bigger “hit” than Dark Phoenix, and that’s saying something.  Read More »

trolls world tour vod sales

Is the age of going to the movies officially dead? No, probably not. But studios are bound to start thinking differently about digital VOD releases now thanks to Trolls: World Tour. In the wake of the coronavirus shutting down movie theaters, Universal made the then-unprecedented decision to release the animated sequel directly to VOD – and it looks like it’s a decision that paid off. Because the film has made more money in three weeks on VOD than the first Trolls made in five months at domestic theaters.

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drive-in box office

With movie theaters across the country closed for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the weekly box office report is all but a distant memory. But there’s one theater that’s still keeping the weekly box office report alive. A single drive-in theater in Florida was the source of the entire domestic box office this past weekend, showing a whopping two (!) movies to its audience. So if you were missing your weekly box office report, here it is, in extremely barebones form.

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Trolls World Tour breaks records

When NBCUniversal became the first major company to announce that some of its movies would be available online at the same time that they (would have) hit theaters, it marked an unprecedented break in long-established practices in Hollywood. As the industry paused to wait out the coronavirus, all eyes looked to April 10 and the opening of Trolls World Tour, the first significantly-budgeted studio movie to open directly on VOD instead of going to theaters as originally intended.

Now the film has opened, and it has performed incredibly well – according to Universal, the animated sequel has broken records and now stands as the biggest opening day and opening weekend release ever for a film released digitally.
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Chinese Movie Theaters Reopening

If you’re looking for hope that the United States can return to some kind of normal lifestyle after a couple months of self-containment, look no further than China. The nation where the pandemic began is slowly recovering as new cases of the virus dwindle and light at the end of the tunnel starts to look a little clearer. We’re all worried about the shut down of movies theaters and what it will do to the future of entertainment after this is all over, but China is looking to repopen their theaters as early as the end of March, and one of the first titles playing will be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone remastered in 4K and 3D. Read More »

weekend box office bloodshot

Movies can often be a great form of escape during times of crisis. But unfortunately, the crisis we currently find ourselves in – dealing with the coronavirus – has made movie-going difficult. Theaters are cutting capacity, and in some cases, closing entirely. On top of all that, the message that’s being spread far and wide is: social distancing, AKA “Stop going out in public, you dopes.” Which means the weekend box office was…not great. In fact, the weekend saw the box office at a 20-year low.

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movies available on demand

After years of discussions about the possibility of shrinking the theatrical window, NBCUniversal is going to obliterate it altogether. According to a new report, the company is going to release at least some of Universal Pictures’ theatrical offerings on demand at the same time that they hit theaters. When a book is written about this period in history, this may be a crucial turning point in the way the entire industry operates.
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onward box office

Onward took the top spot at the box office this weekend with a $40 million domestic haul, far out-performing fellow newcomer The Way Back ($8.5 million) and other top-charting films like The Invisible Man ($15.5 million) and Sonic the Hedgehog ($8 million). Yet Pixar and industry insiders are considering the animated fantasy-adventure film to be a disappointment. Despite mostly positive reviewsOnward had the lowest opening for a Pixar film since 2015’s The Good Dinosaur and came in vastly below projections internationally.

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mulan box office

Earlier this week, we learned that Disney has delayed the release of Mulan, its live-action remake of the 1998 animated movie, in “certain foreign markets” due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. But the film is locked in to its March 27, 2020 release date here in the United States, reportedly because the studio has already spent lots of money on advertising for it, and early estimates suggest that advertising may help drive the movie to an $85 million domestic opening weekend. Read More »

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weekend box office the invisible man

The Invisible Man is a huge hit, and I have no follow-up snark or joke to go with this news. I’m just legitimately happy. Leigh Whannell is a great filmmaker, and I’m thrilled to see audiences connecting with his latest, which is scary, intense, and exceptionally well-made. It’s certainly a stark contrast between the last time Universal tried to reboot one of their classic monsters with The Mummy. Strong reviews and word-of-mouth helped the fright flick open above expectations, and all but ensured that Universal will continue to try to dust off their old horror hits.

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