Tyler Llewyn Taing

San Francisco
San Francisco State University
Horror, Sci-Fi, Comics
  • Tyler is a culture writer, podcaster, and serial movie rewatcher with a specific interest in genre filmmaking.
  • His writing has been featured on various sites, including Polygon, DiscussingFilm, Horrorwood Presents, Much Ado About Cinema, and OffColour.
  • Tyler also volunteers as a content editor and social media coordinator for Film Cred, an independent publication focused on helping aspiring writers make their way into the world of journalism.


Tyler "Llewyn" Taing is based in San Francisco, California. He has been affectionately described as "opinionated, but passionate" by many of his friends. He first dabbled into film criticism when he was a teenager in 2017, where he reviewed films for an independent publication called Much Ado About Cinema. While the site is no longer active, he knew he found a deep passion for capturing his love for cinema in print and has been pursuing it ever since. When he is not watching or writing about films, he is working part-time at his local cinema and joking with patrons about his father being Steven Spielberg.


In 2021, Tyler received his Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from San Francisco State University, home of the gators.
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