Demetra Nikolakakis

Toronto, Canada
University Of Toronto
Home, Décor, DIY
  • Demetra has been writing online articles since 2019.
  • From DIY to interior design, she loves to show how simple a project can be.
  • She's also a huge fan of redecorating and is always repurposing existing décor into something new.


Demetra is a blogger with a passion for all things interior design. Whether she's scrolling through Facebook Marketplace or Pinterest, she loves to find inspiration. Demetra has written for a wide variety of publications including Musée Magazine, Her Campus, and The Valle's The Beauty Dilemma, and is the proud Editor-in-Chief of As You Wish, a romcom magazine at the University of Toronto.


Demetra is currently studying English and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. She loves to admire the architecture in many of the older films she watches for class.
Stories By Demetra Nikolakakis