Addison Peacock

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Los Angeles, CA
Shenandoah Conservatory, Cal State Los Angeles
Movies, TV, Video Games, Horror, Making Soup
  • Addison has a Master's Degree in Television, Film, and Theater from Cal State Los Angeles.
  • She has been writing coverage of horror media for years, starting at the Horror Honeys as their television writer.
  • In the years since starting, she has expanded to cover television, film, and videogames, contributing to sites such as Fandom, Dread Central, and The Mary Sue.


Addison is a writer, actor, and podcaster who is passionate about storytelling of all kinds. She began her digital media career at the Horror Honeys, a website dedicated to women in the horror genre. There, she interviewed horror directors and content creators, reviewed films, and covered new television releases. After the site shut its doors, she attended graduate school and continued writing, contributing essays on film and television to The Mary Sue, Dread Central, and other sites, as well as writing video game coverage for Fandom. When she isn't writing, she's hosting the podcast Playing Games With my Heart, which examines romance in the video game world.


Addison received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory, where she studied script analysis as well as acting and singing. After that, she attended California State University of Los Angeles, where she received a Masters of Fine Arts in Television, Film, and Theatre, becoming intimately familiar with each of these mediums.
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