Anya Taylor-Joy Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Hollywood Squares – At first, I thought this would just be a cavalcade of ’90s impressions. But this sketch takes a surprising turn into pointing out how awkward it can be to look back at the pop culture of decades past when you might run into some of the many faces who have found their career’s sullied and even ended by unsavory and inappropriate behavior. The escalation of how often this episode of Hollywood Squares had to be edited is amusing, but it gets a little too repetitive for as long as the sketch goes on. The sketch reached a point where I actually wished it would have utilized these impressions more, or at the very least got to see how they would have used Roseanne and Apu from The Simpsons.

Pride Month Song – This song created for Pride Month in June is catchy, feeling like a cover of Madonna’s “Holiday.” But it takes the energy of Pride Month and hones in on what a shitshow the flamboyant celebrations can become, whether it’s because of unrequited crushes, moving in too soon together, or way too many straight people looking for an excuse to get crazy and act like it’s not a big deal because they’re LGBTQ allies.

Lingerie Store – In a sketch that feels like it was written for Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, instead we get to see Anya Taylor-Joy having some fun by selling some sturdy “brawrs” for busty women. Big hair, big boobs and funny props give though enough zest to deliver a few good laughs, not to mention some fondling of Heidi Gardner by Aidy Bryant. However, as much as I love when hosts like Anya Taylor-Joy are willing to do bits like this I can’t help but think this would have been better if Kate McKinnon got to appear in this sketch instead.

The Worst

College Panel – Despite the enthusiasm from Aidy Bryant and Anya Taylor-Joy as the college students running this panel, this sketch just didn’t work from me. It’s a solid premise that finds students letting the handsome young white star get away with softball questions while the cast members of other racial backgrounds are forced represent their entire ethnicity, but I wish it were executed in a different way, perhaps with a press junket of some sort. The use of college students as the clueless interviewers feels like it makes the satire just a little less sharp.

Celtic Woman – It’s not exactly the most timely sketch, and it certainly feels like it. Along with some awkward timing, this sketch just feels too far out of left field to properly land. However, I will say that line about the popular girls from high school getting absolutely railed by the idea of Ireland was good. Plus, the little detail about having to purchase tickets by phone is a nice touch.

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