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Hire a New Cast Member

Whenever Saturday Night Live looks for new cast members, it’s usually over the summer, between seasons of the show. However, there are times when Lorne Michaels seeks out talent and adds them in the middle of the season. When critical pressure regarding the lack of a female black cast member on the show became too big to ignore, Michaels was on the hunt for a new cast member, and that’s how Sasheer Zamata was cast.

Therefore, if no one on the current cast is suited to take on Donald Trump, maybe it’s time for another talent search. Alec Baldwin isn’t leaving immediately, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finished out the rest of the 42nd season. Maybe they’ll find a new cast member over the summer who has a killer Donald Trump impression.

Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump

Keep Cycling Through Guest Stars

If Alec Baldwin doesn’t want to keep playing Donald Trump, maybe SNL can stick with the stunt casting schtick they’ve adapted recently and just keep cycling through famous guest stars. Former cast member Jimmy Fallon has a solid Donald Trump impression that he does on The Tonight Show, and it might help make up for the fact that he went soft on the presidential candidate when he came on the show during the campaign.

Beyond that, SNL could have some fun bringing in big names to do goofy Donald Trump impressions. Since Trump doesn’t appear in every episode, it wouldn’t be hard to just have a one-off guest star step into the role and vacate it just as quickly. It might even allow for different kinds of comedic takes on Trump as a character. Even if they’re bad, it could still be funny. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Robert De Niro tackle Donald Trump (both as a role and in real life) or even something as ridiculous as Josh Gad playing Donald Trump would be entertaining to see. Hell, Johnny Depp played Trump in a Funny or Die movie, so anything is possible.

Donald Trump

Ignore Donald Trump Altogether

This seems like the least likely options since the sheer madness of the Donald Trump presidency can’t be ignored, and SNL has always provided timely and relevant political satire. Few shows are equipped to deliver it as quickly. At the same time, the lunacy of Donald Trump’s presidency and his personality in general is so outlandish that it’s hard to lampoon properly. There’s almost no way to make the man more ridiculous than he is in real life, which is why even with Alec Baldwin in play as Trump, those sketches aren’t always the best in any given episode. So maybe it’s time to just let him mock himself.

Donald Trump always has some new fresh hell to unleash upon the public, whether its baseless claims about President Obama tapping his phones, taking away the rights of trans students, putting Dolores Umbridge in charge of American education, or just opening his mouth. We don’t have to mock him for people to laugh at him. So perhaps SNL should take the high road and just continue to poke fun at all the political circus performers he’s surrounded himself with.


It’s tough to say what Saturday Night Live will do next with Alec Baldwin possibly stepping away from Donald Trump. This isn’t necessarily a problem they’ll have to resolve immediately, but it’s definitely something Lorne Michaels will have to think about in the coming months.

What do you think Saturday Night Live should do about Donald Trump?

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