Octavia Spencer Hosted Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live came back this weekend for their first episode of March. Hosting duties fell upon the shoulders of Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. While the actress appeared to be up to the challenge, the writing staff didn’t really seem to meet her in the middle. The result was a mostly mediocre episode with some bumpy and poorly paced sketches. The only exceptions were a couple of pre-recorded sketches, one great live sketch, and an outstanding round of Weekend Update.

We run through the best and worst sketches from the Octavia Spencer hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Girl at a Bar – Dave McCary (who directed the Sundance comedy Brigsby Bear) knocked this sketch out of the park by showing what it can be like for a woman to be hit on by a guy who pretends to be all about feminist ideals. The escalation of how quickly each guy tries to hook up with Cecily Strong is what makes it work so well, not to mention the perfect wardrobe choices for each guy. Plus, it’s always nice when SNL really nails the ending of a sketch, which is always one of the hardest parts.

Republican Movie Trailer – Since Republicans are just sitting back and letting all the nonsense of the Trump administration happen, which is simultaneously destroying the party itself, we’re left to wonder which of them will take a stand and become the hero we need them to be. This is such a great way to mock the irresponsible cowardice of the GOP.

Sticky Bun – What I love most about this sketch is how the comedy keeps building. Each of the new Sticky Bun employees keeps accepting what the previous one does as completely normal. The repeated gag referring to Christmas, not to mention the use of “Will you eat?” not being addressed until the end, and the blissful ignorance of Octavia Spencer, Mikey Day and Melissa Villaseñor made this sketch a bright spot in a mediocre show.

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