Tiny Cinema Clip Teases A Genre-Bending Trip Through The Multiverse [Exclusive]

If you have been paying attention to 2022's cinematic trends, you should know that multiverses are totally in vogue right now. Whether they are the cruxes of a major superhero franchise or a symbol for the complexities of relationships, multiverses offer an infinite amount of storytelling opportunities, as long as the core story allows for it.

"Tiny Cinema," the upcoming anthology film that recently had its world premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, is one such story. Directors Tyler Cornack and Ryan Koch have been eager to take their weirdness, previously demonstrated in 2019's "Butt Boy," to the next level by using the ever-expanding multiverse concept. The stories in this anthology might not seem related at first, but as they get increasingly bloodier and awkward, things might turn out to be far more connected than anyone might realize.

To celebrate the film being available on-demand, /Film has received an exclusive clip from "Tiny Cinema" distributor Dread. In this clip, we learn that a childish but innocuous joke can easily turn a game of Twister into an existential crisis.

Watch the Tiny Cinema clip

"Tiny Cinema" is directed solely by Cornack, who also co-writes the film alongside Koch and Bill Morean. Patrick Ewald also serves as a producer on the film alongside the aforementioned writers. Tyler Rice, Philip Ursino, Sam Landers, Kristina Clifford, Shelby Dash, Austin Lewis, Olivia Herman, Matt Rubano, Kyle Lewis, Matt Rasku, and Kevin Michael Moran star throughout the film as lessons are learned and realities are questioned.

"Tiny Cinema" is now available to rent or purchase on-demand, with a physical Blu-ray release set for October 11, 2022. To get a more clear picture of what this trippy anthology has to offer, check out its official synopsis:

"A mysterious stranger tells the twisted tale of seemingly unconnected strangers whose lives will change in incredible and bizarre ways forever. As reality unravels, each person must battle incredible challenges from a multiverse seeking answers on the essential questions of life, death, love, and the fate of our future."