Six Seasons In And Rick And Morty Still Finds Ways To Surprise Sarah Chalke

"Rick and Morty" has kept fans on their toes with new twists and turns every season, but fans aren't the only ones that look forward to new episodes. The voice actors are also excited about each upcoming season, and the show's creative animation adds to the suspense. The actors have no idea what each scene will look like, so much of the show is still a mystery to them even after they record their dialogue. Sarah Chalke, who voices Rick's daughter Beth, says that this is one of her favorite aspects of working on "Rick and Morty."

The Adult Swim series follows a hard-boiled alcoholic scientist, Rick, and his hapless teenage grandson, Morty. Their interdimensional travels lead them on wacky misadventures through space. As the series progresses, the rest of the family is both willingly and unwillingly roped into Rick's schemes. Beth's inner child seeks Rick's approval but she is painfully aware of his inconsiderate nature. The show is rife with side-splitting humor, mind-bending sci-fi, and tear-jerking family drama.

Chalke knew she wanted to be a part of "Rick and Morty" from day one. "From the second that I read the first script, I was like, I wanna be a part of this somehow," she revealed to ET Canada. The actress actually auditioned for the show over the phone from her native Canada and has become an indispensable member of the main cast ever since. Her character, Beth, has had one of the most transformative arcs of the show — from a wine-guzzling suburban mom to an intergalactic traveller that may or may not be a clone. But even after six seasons, the actress is just as excited to see the series come to life onscreen as she was when she read the very first script.

From her narrative arc to the animation, Chalke is still shocked

Years into the series, Sarah Chalke still looks forward to reading the latest "Rick and Morty" script. "Ever since really day one of working on Rick and Morty, it's always exciting when you get the new episode in your inbox and get to read the script, because it has continuously surprised me as I read them," the actress told Screen Rant. She and the other actors are mostly kept in the dark, so the story shocks them just as much as it does the fans. "We don't get a heads up of like an arc of the season or what's gonna happen with your character," she explained.

The animation is also a surprise for Chalke and the other voice actors. While reading the script, "you create this world in your head of what it's gonna look like," Chalke explained. The actress has a lot of fun imagining invented intergalactic beings like the "sentient alien cloud Fart" in "Mortynight Run," but it's impossible for her to guess what the animators will come up with. "You kind of get to experience it twice, once when you read the script and then once when you get to see the episode," she explained.

Even before catching a glimpse of the finished episodes, Chalke has a feeling season 6 might be the best one yet. "Some of the scripts from this season are my favorites that we've gotten to record," she revealed. There's no telling what the newest season has in store, but Chalke counts herself among the other avid "Rick and Morty" fans that are waiting on the edge of their seats.