John Wick Prequel Series The Continental Leaves Starz, Heads To Peacock

More and more, the future appears to be on streaming ... or, at least, that's what the Powers That Be appear to believe these days. In quite a dramatic change, the "John Wick" prequel series titled "The Continental" has changed hands and will premiere exclusively on Peacock in perhaps the up-and-coming streaming service's most major acquisition yet. Oh, and it seems as if this will become the new home for the three "John Wick" movies already released as well.

The details come courtesy of a joint statement by Lionsgate and Peacock, announcing that "The Continental" — described as "the highly anticipated three-part special event based on the blockbuster action franchise," confirming previous reports that the first season would consist of three episodes (possibly 90 minutes each) — will officially make the move from Starz to Peacock as part of a new multi-year deal. Starring Keanu Reeves as the unstoppable former assassin with a unique talent for headshots, the wildly entertaining and successful movies soon led to the development of the prequel series that boasts a formidable cast in its own right.

Peacock president Kelly Campbell had this to say about the deal:

"The 'John Wick' films have become a global phenomenon, are among the most watched titles on Peacock and we are thrilled and honored to partner with Lionsgate to extend this incredible franchise. We understand the value of a global franchise and Val Boreland and team knew that by bringing this special event series to Peacock and putting the full power of NBCUniversal behind it, the premiere of 'The Continental' will be the streaming event of the year."

John Wick comes to Peacock

Peacock obviously has high hopes for "The Continental" and its ability to bring a bevy of new subscribers to the streaming service, which is still in the process of building out its library of original titles and ... well, didn't enjoy a particularly booming year in 2021 after losing a whopping $1.7 billion. Will snagging the rights to this prequel series and also the trilogy of "John Wick" movies thus far released ("John Wick 4" is due in theaters on March 24, 2023) turn Peacock's fortunes around? That's certainly the question of the day.

"The Continental" is written by showrunners Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward, with much of the original creative team in Chad Stahelski, Derek Kolstad, and David Leitch (along with "Deadpool" writers Paul Wernick, and Rhett Reese) serving as executive producers. Each episode apparently takes place over the course of a single night, with Albert Hughes directing the first and third, and Charlotte Brandstrom directing the second. The series stars Colin Woodell as a young Winston Scott (Ian McShane's character), Ayomide Adegun as a young Charon (played by Lance Reddick in the movies), Peter Greene, Mel Gibson, Ben Robson, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Jessica Allain, Mishel Prada, and Nhung Kate.

The series will debut on Peacock sometime in 2023.

Told from the perspective of the hotel manager, a young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell, based on Ian McShane's character in the films), is dragged through 1975 New York to face a past he thought he'd left behind. In an attempt to seize control of the iconic hotel, which serves as a meeting point for the world's most dangerous criminals, Winston charts a deadly course through the mysterious underworld of New York City.