The Official /Film Newsletter Is Here – Here's How You Can Subscribe

Since 2005, /Film has served as the go-to source for news, commentary, and analysis on all sorts of wide-ranging entertainment options, geared specifically towards the most knowledgeable and observant viewers out there. In addition to all the various features, news stories, interviews, and other articles published on a daily basis, there's yet another way for pop culture junkies to get all the updates and general information they could ever need. For those looking for the full /Film experience and need a one-stop shop to help stay up to date with the industry at large, the /Film newsletter is for you.

What exactly is this newsletter? We're glad you asked.

Published weekly every Friday afternoon, the /Film newsletter brings all the most insightful news, reviews, box office numbers, opinion pieces, rankings, and lists right to your (digital) doorstep. With 16 total issues published so far and many more to come, there's never been a better time to subscribe and catch up on all you've been missing. Never go another week without having fresh /Film goodness delivered straight to your inbox.

How do you sign up? That's easy.

How to subscribe

Fans have a couple of ways to subscribe to the /Film newsletter. In the first and most straightforward option, all one needs to do is head on over to the official /Film Twitter account and click on the link in the bio. Otherwise, one simply needs to follow a few quick steps:

  1. Head on over to
  2. Enter your email address and follow the email confirmation process (make sure to check your spam folder, if necessary!)
  3. Add to your email address book/contacts list in order to ensure that the newsletters make it to your inbox

And that's it, you're all set! 

What to expect