HBO Ain't Killing Peacemaker Right Now According To James Gunn

James Gunn once again took to social media to directly answer fan questions, this time making a statement about the status of "Peacemaker" in the wake of all the HBO Max/Discovery+ discussion going around today. We'll know more tomorrow when the new overlords at WB make their first public statements about the big changes coming in the wake of the massive corporate merger, but right now all that's going around the web is some level of "the sky is falling." 

There are rumors that HBO Max is going away totally, or that it's going to be folded into Discovery+ and that most scripted shows on the platform are getting axed, which would be a shame because truth be told the HBO Max output has been some of the best of any streamer. "Peacemaker," "Our Flag Means Death," and "Tokyo Vice" were rumored to be in danger under their new corporate masters as they look for ways to cut costs and squeeze out every last dime they can from their subscriber base.

But Gunn wasn't shy about pulling the curtain back just a little bit to reassure "Peacemaker" fans that things were going to be alright. Four simple words on Twitter is all it took. Responding to the question "Is Peacemaker Season 2 safe?" Gunn said, "Yes, guys, calm down."

James Gunn once again makes the peace himself

The gravity of what's going on at Warner Bros. isn't something to take lightly. It does seem they're forever shelving "Batgirl" and laying off a lot of employees, a sad but time-tested result of these massive corporate mergers, but some of your favorite shows aren't automatically going the way of the dodo.

Again, we'll know more tomorrow when the new Warner Bros. Discovery management releases their financial report. The assumption is it's going to be pretty brutal, but they're certainly not going to want to instantly cut their heavy hitters, and "Peacemaker" ended up being one of HBO Max's best-performing original shows. It was a grower of a series and by the time the finale hit, overall viewership was up 44%, which definitely means subscribers want more of John Cena and his ragtag crew of foul-mouthed misfits and big-hearted a-holes.

So, in the wake of some definite bad news, we at least have some hope that our other favorite HBO and HBO Max shows will continue to thrive under this new regime. Tomorrow will paint a fuller picture, but for tonight "Peacemaker" fans can rest easy.