Black Adam's Aldis Hodge Says There's Enough 'Rich History' To Make 'A Few' Hawkman Solo Films [Comic-Con]

DC's upcoming "Black Adam" introduces numerous familiar characters from the comics and aims to set up the stakes for future crossover films. Introducing the character before viewers head into the much-anticipated "Shazam! Gods for Fury" will also help tie the two together and set up the next era of the DC Extended Universe.

As we've seen in previous footage, one of the characters thrown into the fray is Carter Hall aka Hawkman. Played by Aldis Hodge in "Black Adam," Hawkman has already been seen trying to convince Dwayne Johnson's titular Black Adam to try to use his powers for good rather than destruction. Serving as the moral counterpart to Black Adam, based on what we've seen so far, there's a lot of potential already shown for exploration. Throw in the weight of Hawkman's comic book history, and it'd be a surprise if there wasn't more investment in the character post-"Black Adam." The future seems bright here.

/Film's Ryan Scott got the chance to interview Hodge at San Diego Comic-Con, where Hodge's excitement and passion for his character was nigh indescribable. 

Hawkman going solo

Being a longtime fan of DC Comics, when Aldis Hodge was asked whether or not he has thought about a Hawkman solo film, he came ready to answer:

"The thing about Hawkman, you'll know if you look at the chronology of the comic book series, you have the Justice Society, you even have him dip into the Justice League a little bit, and then you have the standalone Hawkman comics, and there's so much rich history there. His backstory, his curse, his history with Hawkgirl. There's so much there to fill out a standalone film — a few standalone films! I just hope we get to explore it."

Hodge is absolutely right. Hawkman is one of a handful of comic book characters that has a particularly convoluted backstory, curse included, which can easily be picked apart to craft a version that meshes well with the DC Cinematic Universe. Whether or not Hawkman gets a solo film will be up to fan reception and the powers-that-be over at Warner Bros. It's time to manifest this into the universe!

 "Black Adam" hits theaters on October 21, 2022.