Halloween Ends Trailer: Michael Myers And Laurie Strode Face Off One Final Time

One of the hardest lessons I ever learned as a spooky stuff-loving kid is that Halloween has to end sometime. Apparently, close to half a century into churning out movies, the folks behind the unkillable "Halloween" horror franchise have finally learned that lesson, too. This fall's "Halloween Ends" will serve as a finale for the new trilogy introduced in 2018 and will see Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) face off against Michael Myers one last time. 

I mean, probably. This twelve-film franchise has already "ended" a couple of times before.

Still, the first trailer for the highly anticipated conclusion really does seem quite final. Check it out below.

We're in for a big, bold ending ... or 'ending?'

Unlike many recent major releases, the team behind "Halloween Ends" actually spilled quite a bit of information about the film ahead of the trailer drop, so not everything here is a surprise. Last October, director David Gordon Green revealed that the new movie would jump four years ahead to show what Haddonfield would look like after being rocked by Covid and "peculiar politics." The filmmaker has also said that the film will be a tonal and technical departure from the previous two installments, and may include a twist ending.

Curtis, meanwhile, put it more plainly. Earlier this year, Curtis introduced the first footage from the film at CinemaCon with a simple promise: "'Halloween Ends' will f*** you up." The actor has also mentioned that the film will anger some fans, and called it "Laurie's last stand." What plot twist could possibly mess with "Halloween" fans so deeply? Of course, Laurie could die, but that's happened before, too.

The "Halloween" franchise has had a long, winding road. It started with John Carpenter's classic before taking various detours into sequels with kid-bewitching TV sets, Rob Zombie reimaginings, retconned sibling relationships, and appearances by everyone from LL Cool J to a baby-faced Paul Rudd. However, "Halloween Ends" appears to be the end of the road. 

Or does it? 

While John Carpenter told ComicBook.com that "this time ... they really want to end," co-writer Danny McBride thinks Michael Myers will never really die. In 2019, he told /Film, "I'm sure 10 years from now there'll be another group of knuckleheads that think they have the answer to what they should do with Michael Myers next."

Ending or not, "Halloween Ends" will premiere on October 14, 2022.