Okja Star Steven Yeun Is Reuniting With Bong Joon-Ho For His Next Movie

Director daddy Bong Joon-ho is bringing one of our favorite bees back to the BongHive, with "Okja" star Steven Yeun reuniting with the South Korean cinematic virtuoso for his next project. Yeun joins an already stacked cast that includes Robert Pattinson, Mark Ruffalo, Toni Collette, and Naomi Ackie in an as-yet-untitled adaptation of Edward Ashton's novel "Mickey7," which hit bookshelves in February. 

The story focuses on a man named Mickey7 (Pattinson), who is an expendable employee sent out on suicide mission too dangerous for mere mortals. If Mickey7 dies, he is regenerated as a clone that possesses most of the previous clone's memories. After Mickey7 is presumed dead on a mission, he makes his way home only to realize that a Mickey8 regenerative clone has already been created in his place. It's been described as "as Andy Weir's 'The Martian' meets Blake Crouch's 'Dark Matter,'" but in the hands of Bong Joon-ho, "Mickey7" (or whatever he officially decides to title the film) will be truly out of this world.

Steven Yeun is known best by general audiences for his performance as Glen Rhee on "The Walking Dead," but has a storied and fascinating filmography outside of his zombie killing. In 2020, Yeun became the first Asian-American actor to be nominated for best actor at the Academy Awards for his performance in Lee Isaac Chung's "Minari," and he will soon be seen as Ricky "Jupe" Park in Jordan Peele's "Nope," and in the Ali Wong A24/Netflix dramedy series "Beef."

Steven Yeun rules. That's it. That's the subhead.

Over the years, Steven Yeun has become one of those actors where the second his casting is announced, the film immediately jumps to the top of the most-anticipated release list. It's clear that Yeun is being selective about his roles, popping up in adventurous and genre-pushing films like "I Origins," "Okja," "Mayhem," "Burning," "The Humans" and "Sorry to Bother You." In addition to his live-action performances, Yeun has also lent his voice to animated projects like "Voltron: Legendary Defender," "Tales of Arcadia," "Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters," "Final Space," "Tuca & Bertie," and "Invincible."

No details are yet available regarding which character Yeun will be playing in Bong Joon-Ho's new film, but rest assured, he will be utilized properly. Bong Joon-Ho is a dream director for actors, as his films always feature meaty roles that serve as an actor's playground. Yeun was absolutely fantastic as an animal rights activist in "Okja" and there's no doubt he'll be equally as wonderful in this new flick.