Love Lies Bleeding: Everything We Know So Far About The Kristen Stewart A24 Romance

Thanks to her roles in films like "Spencer" and "Crimes of the Future," Kristen Stewart has quickly found herself as one of Hollywood's buzziest and most in-demand stars. While other actors in her position might transition into big blockbuster roles such as a stint in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stewart is going all-in on dramatic independently-funded titles. Oh, and also a ghost-hunting show, but I digress. 

One such project is A24's upcoming "Love Lies Bleeding." In a new announcement, the company revealed that the film will begin production later this week, releasing more details about the quietly-guarded project in the process. These details include key new casting announcements that help to shed a light on what the film will ultimately be about. More will be revealed as filming progresses, but in the meantime, here's everything we know so far about Stewart's next big title, one that will surely intrigue those looking for an intense lesbian drama not set in the 1800s.

When and where to watch Love Lies Bleeding

Much like other newly-announced A24 titles, the release strategy for "Love Lies Bleeding" is unknown. As explained in our recent breakdown of "A Different Man," the film could be released exclusively into theaters, or it could be viewed on A24's streaming affiliates, Apple TV+ or Showtime. However, the company has confirmed they're handling "the global release of the film," according to a recent statement, which could lean more towards a strictly theatrical run.

As for when it is expected to be released, "Love Lies Bleeding" could be on track for an early to mid-2023 release, potentially further if A24 is confident in its awards chances. This is due to the fact that the film is expected to begin production later this week for an unspecified amount of time. However, it doesn't matter when or where the film will be released, as it is sure to make a splash among A24's fanbase no matter what.

What Love Lies Bleeding will be about

So far, we know few details about what will happen in "Love Lies Bleeding," the most significant of which is that it takes place within the world of competitive bodybuilding. Stewart will play the girlfriend of one such bodybuilder, with the film focusing on their relationship as one "fueled by ego, desire, and the American Dream," according to the official logline. Given its specific focus on female characters, it is likely that the female bodybuilding space, which was showcased in the 1985 documentary "Pumping Iron II: The Women," will be given a major spotlight. 

Based on these details alone, we are already excited to see the film. Not only is the sport of bodybuilding rarely seen in dramatic films ("Pain and Gain," "Stand Tall," and "Stay Hungry" are often the only ones that come to mind), but the fact that this will supposedly have a major focus on female bodybuilding is especially rare. That it is specifically focusing on a lesbian couple is also intriguing given the messiness suggested by the logline. If you're looking for pure and sweet sapphic love, then you probably won't find it in "Love Lies Bleeding."

What we know about the Love Lies Bleeding cast and crew

Stewart won't be the only high-profile actor to star in the film; Dave Franco, Ed Harris, Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, and Katy O'Brian will also have prominent roles. While the exact details of their characters have not yet been released, the casting of O'Brian, a mixed martial artist who has appeared on "The Walking Dead" and "The Mandalorian," does shine some light on the project. She has competed before as a competitive bodybuilder, the sport at the center of "Love Lies Bleeding." Needless to say, it seems likely that O'Brian will be the other half of the film's central romance alongside Stewart.

The film also has some important talent involved behind the scenes. "Saint Maud" director Rose Glass will be marking her second feature film with "Love Lies Bleeding." She co-wrote the script with Weronika Tofilska, a writer and director who will direct episodes of the upcoming third season of "His Dark Materials." Alongside A24, Lobo Films and Escape Plan Productions will serve as producing partners on the project. Film4 will also help finance the project, much like they did with "Saint Maud," but will now be working directly with A24. The latter company found success after acquiring the film for U.S. distribution after its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019.