Kristen Stewart Is Developing A Gay Ghost-Hunting Reality Show

Since the "Twilight" film franchise ended in 2021, it's seemed like stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been in competition to see who can separate themselves the furthest from their teenage vampire movie roots. Both take on challenging, unconventional roles, cementing themselves as performers with range and incredible skill. Stewart has been especially busy, portraying the tragic Princess Diana in "Spencer," which has been described as more of a ghost story than a traditional biopic. In 2020 she also starred in the cosmic ocean horror "Underwater" and the lesbian Christmas romance "Happiest Season." 

In a profile for The New Yorker, Stewart shared some of her upcoming projects and ideas. One that sounds like an absolute dream is a gay ghost-hunting series, which honestly could be a lot of fun. 

Getting Fabulously Paranormal

Stewart is currently hard at work on her directorial debut, "The Chronology of Water," based on Lidia Yuknavitch's best-selling novel of the same name. She also has a few other projects up her sleeve, including that gay ghost-hunting series that I will 100% watch. She described the series to the New Yorker as "a paranormal romp in a queer space." I'm not entirely sure what that means other than having queer ghost-hunters, but even that sounds refreshingly different. The vast majority of ghost-hunting shows are handfuls of straight guys trying to startle one another, so I'm open for any twist on that formula. 

"Gay people love pretty things," Stewart explained. "So we are aiming for a richness." 

If that means it's a ghost-hunting show that's not just a bunch of shaky night-vision footage, color me sold. Hopefully Stewart would also be hosting, because her no-nonsense sense of humor would help keep things grounded. Maybe she'll invite different celebrity guests to join her, and we could end up watching Dan Levy and Stewart vibing in a castle owned by Countess Bathory. The possibilities are endless. 

Returning to Familiar Spooky Ground

Spooky stories are old hat for Stewart. After all, her career took off after she starred in the vampiric "Twilight" movies, but "Underwater," "Personal Shopper," and "Panic Room" are all pretty terrifying, too. She shared images from the look book for "The Chronology of Water" with the New Yorker, and it had images of blood, swimming pools, grim 1970s living rooms, and more that created an eerie aesthetic. 

I look forward to whatever Stewart does next, and I hope that she continues to dig into her creepy side in both non-fiction and fictional projects. And if she decides to have a ghost-hunting show with contestants like MTV's "Fear"? Call me, Kristen.