The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Every Sparrow Academy Member's Powers Explained

We've had two seasons with the dysfunctionally wonderful Hargreeves super-siblings of the titular "Umbrella Academy," but in the aftermath of their most recent brush with almost destroying the universe, we've got a whole new set of super-sibs to get to know. 

In case you're not caught up, the Hargreeves siblings sparked a timeline blitz while trying to reset the all of existence, and unintentionally wound up in an alternate timeline where Sir Reginald Hargreeves didn't adopt them, and instead tracked down seven of the other 43 super-powered babies that were born on October 1, 1989, creating the Sparrow Academy. Now that season 3 is available on Netflix for your streaming pleasure, here's everything you need to know about the Sparrow Academy before you dive in.

Marcus Hargreeves - Number One

Similarly to Umbrella Academy's Number One, Luther, Marcus Hargreeves possesses immense strength. However, Marcus is able to showcase his incredible feats without also having to have the body of an ape-like creature. Marcus is a natural born leader, and is well loved by the world as a celebrity superhero. As Marcus works out on the roof of the Hargreeves mansion, he'll throw his sweat towel to adoring fans not unlike a pop star. Thanks to his super strength and high ranking status, Marcus is dripping with confidence and charisma, making him the undeniable head of the Sparrow Academy.

Ben Hargreeves - Number Two/Umbrella Academy Number Six

When the Umbrella Academy arrived back at the Hargreeves Mansion following the absolute chaos of season 2, they were shocked to not only see their home transformed into the Sparrow Academy, but also that their dead brother Ben was alive and well. Ben is known as Number Six at the Umbrella Academy, but is Number Two with the Sparrows. His powers remain the same, possessing the ability to summon eldritch tentacles from an interdimensional portal in his stomach. However, his personality is a bit different. To quote the entirety of the Umbrella Academy: "Ben's a d*** now." The lovable Ben from the Umbrella Academy is now a bitter, malicious, manipulative jerk, and learning that he's well loved in another timeline only exacerbates his anger.

Fei Hargreeves - Number Three

Fei Hargreeves dons a pair of sunglasses at all times, to cover up the fact she doesn't have eyeballs in the way we typically see on a human. However, that doesn't mean Fei is blind, not by a long shot. Fei can see everything, as she possess the ability to manifest a murder of crows to spy on her behalf, or destroy her enemies. Despite being ranked third, Fei is one of the go-to leaders of the group, likely because she has much better composure than Ben, and has proven to be a cunning strategist. She's also my favorite of the new Sparrows, so take that for what it's worth.

Alphonso Hargreeves - Number Four

Every family needs a funny guy, and Alphonso is the comedic relief of the Sparrows. His presence in the Sparrow Academy is a refreshing change from the unfortunate trend of disfigured villains, as the noticeably scarred Number Four is a bona fide hero. Alphonso's ability is one of the most beneficial in a fight, as he is able to inflict harm on others by causing damage to himself. He's basically a human Voodoo doll, which means he has no motivation to stay in peak athletic condition like his siblings. He's frequently seen walking on the treadmill while the others are in a uniform sprint, but is a gifted smack talker. His words are as caustic as his self-inflicted punches, and he makes for a great addition to the family.

Sloane Hargreeves - Number Five

The closest thing to a traditional comic book superhero the Sparrow Academy has, Sloane Hargreeves possesses the ability to manipulate the gravity of herself and others. Not only does this mean she can throw people across the room without even trying, it also means she makes herself and others fly. Personality-wise, Sloane is the sweetest of the Sparrows and if it wasn't for her compulsory obligation to her family, she'd explore the world beyond crime-fighting. Sloane has one of the biggest storylines in season 3, so be sure to pay attention to her from the very start.

Jayme Hargreeves - Number Six

Jayme Hargreeves is the strong and silent type, with a bit of an alternative edge to her styling. Not unlike the fictionalized version of the Dilophosaurus in "Jurassic Park," Jayme has the ability to spit venom at her enemies and cause them to hallucinate. Jayme's attitude is as bitter as her spit, and the range of the hallucinations she causes depends on her mood. Step to her and she might make you hallucinate a dance sequence at best, or completely manipulate your most treasured memory to the point of psychological torture at worse.

Christopher Hargreeves - Number Seven

Oh, Christopher. When the Umbrella Academy arrived at the mansion at the end of season 2, one of the biggest questions people had was "WHAT IS THAT FLESH CUBE?!" Surprise! It's Christopher Hargreeves! Christopher exists as a psykronium cube of unknown origin with some pretty unusual powers. For one, Christopher can manipulate the temperature of a room, regardless of size, decreasing the heat of a room until it hits freezing temperatures. He also possesses the ability to induce fear into the minds of his enemies, sometimes with such severity that he can trigger fear-induced paralysis. Christopher communicates with unintelligible grumbles to our ears, but the rest of the Sparrows have no problem understanding what he's saying. I can't say whether or not he's a better smack talker than Alphonso, but based on the reactions of the Sparrows, it sure seems like he's a clever cube.