Dressing Up As Daredevil Had Its Downsides For Charlie Cox

Marvel fans are all excited about Daredevil again since Matt Murdock showed up as Peter Parker's lawyer in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and now that we have a "Daredevil" reboot coming from Disney+. (Those fight scenes better stay just as awesome as they were before.)

One of the issues many fans have always had about superheroes is the costumes. How do you get into them so fast? How can you fight in something that looks so stiff? Why the horns? (Not really. It's devil imagery, but sometimes those touches are better left on the page than put onto a screen.) The Daredevil costume actually looked really cool, but according to actor Charlie Cox who played Daredevil, it wasn't always comfortable. 

Charlie Cox joined Collider's 2018 Daredevil panel at Amazing! Las Vegas Comic-Con to talk about the series, and he was asked about the suit and what it was like to wear. 

From Netflix to Disney+

The Netflix Marvel shows are now streaming on Disney+ several years after their cancellation on Netflix. One of the ones I miss the most is "Daredevil," which still has one of the best fight scenes ever caught on camera. (It's the hallway scene from season 1, episode 2 entitled "Cut Man" that was done in one take, in case you're wondering.) If you've never watched, "Daredevil" is the story of Matt Murdock, a blind (mostly ... it's complicated) lawyer who is a superhero in his spare time. He's a brutal fighter, filled with rage, but also with Catholic guilt for what that rage makes him do.

But what about the costume that Daredevil wore?

Holy war

Cox explained that the suit first appeared in the final episode of the first season and that it wasn't very comfortable, even into the first couple of episodes of season 2. He told the audience it was the first try for the costume, but that they'd reinvented it. He said, " ... he had like armored protection around the wrists and the ankles — and they took that out, and they kind of just redesigned the shape of it all. And that was actually genuinely quite comfortable."

I mean, sure? It doesn't look very comfortable, but maybe in comparison to the beatdowns that Matt Murdock takes, it's like wearing dark, shiny pajamas. The wrist and ankle issues weren't the only thing that made it difficult to work with, even with the new version. Cox explained: 

"The only difficulty with the suit itself is when we film in the winter it gets very cold, because it's kind of plasticy, it's kind of more like the material, and so that takes on the temperature of the outside. And so there would be nights when we'd be on a rooftop at 3 AM and it was very cold."

Oof. I hope they get him something a little warmer to wear if they end up redesigning the suit for the reboot. They make those nifty air-activated hand-warmers. Maybe you could fit those in a pocket or something? Charlie Cox has not signed on officially quite yet, but after appearing as Matt Murdock in the MCU, and Vincent D'Onofrio's reprisal of the "Daredevil" villain Kingpin in "Hawkeye," it would be surprising if he doesn't.

"Daredevil" is now streaming on Disney+.