Kevin Feige Says Ms. Marvel's AvengersCon Could Actually Become A Reality

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe heads deeper into the uncharted territory of Phase IV, it's getting more meta than ever. First, there was the corny "Avengers" musical in "Hawkeye." Then, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" nodded to the popular multi-Spidey meme. Now, "Ms. Marvel" is about to take the meta references to a whole new level by introducing a superhero who loves, well, Marvel.

/Film's Jeremy Mathai was in attendance at a virtual press conference for the upcoming Disney+ series today, where Marvel President Kevin Feige and "Ms. Marvel" actress Iman Vellani spoke about the new series. The wide-ranging Q&A covered lots of topics, but landed on one that might be especially thrilling for Marvel fans.

First footage for "Ms. Marvel" has revealed that part of the show is set at a superhero-filled event called AvengerCon, which teenage fangirl Kamala Khan (Vellani) plans to attend dressed as Captain Marvel. When asked whether or not life could imitate art in the form of a real AvengerCon, Feige was more than open to the idea. "I think that might be fun to do sometime, yes," he said.

Even the MCU heroes love AvengerCon

Feige revealed that the cast and crew got a lot of excitement out of the AvengersCon set during filming, explaining that the sequence was shot in the middle of stringent COVID protocols when no one had been attending fan conventions for quite some time. "It was very cathartic for all of us to see that," he said.

Surprisingly, Feige also explained that it wasn't just the "Ms. Marvel" cast getting in on the fun. "We were shooting 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' on the stage right next door, believe it or not," he revealed. If you're thinking this means that Andrew Garfield, Tobey McGuire, or Tom Holland was wandering around the AvengerCon set in full Spider-Man gear, then ... well, actually you might be right. Feige says a scene with all three Spider-men was shooting that same day, and that "a lot of that crew kept sneaking over to see and attend AvengerCon, walking around."

I don't know about you, but I think this is setting a sky-high expectation for the first annual AvengerCon, should it happen. Whether or not there would be any Spideys in attendance, it sounds like the fan space is a perfect fit for a character like Kamala. When asked about what makes Ms. Marvel different than other teen heroes, Vellani spoke about how "Ms. Marvel always understood fan culture on such a cellular level." She went on to explain that Kamala shares "that fascination and excitement" over Marvel heroes with real-life fans.

"Ms. Marvel" debuts on Disney+ on June 8, 2022. In the meantime, we'll be planning out our future AvengerCon costumes.