The Longest Night Teaser: This Prison Is About To Break

The latest Spanish-language series for Netflix has been given its first teaser trailer, and this crime thriller looks absolutely captivating. Directed by Óscar Pedraza ("Sky Rojo," "Patria," "Urxencia Cero") from a screenplay by Xosé Moraisa and Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro, "The Longest Night" will tell a gripping story about a group of armed men who surround the Monte Baruca psychiatric prison and cut off all forms of communication on December 24 to fulfill their mission to save Simón Lago, an infamous serial killer, after the prison warden refuses to turn him over. All six episodes will take place on the same night, giving audiences a full look at the goings on during this fateful night. The series comes after Netflix saw success with "La Casa de Papel" also known as "Money Heist."

The series stars Alberto Ammann ("Narcos") as Hugo, Fran Berenguer ("The Cover") as Richi, David Solans ("Les de l'hoquei") as Javi, José Luis García Pérez ("In From the Cold") as Lennon, Luis Callejo ("Bandoleros") as Simón Lago, and Maria Caballero ("The Ministry of Time") as Laura. Additional cast members include Roberto Álamo ("May God Save Us"), Bárbara Goenaga ("Timecrimes"), Lucía Díez ("El Cid"), Huichi Chiu ("Vis a Vis"), Laia Manzanares ("Planet Earth Calling Ana"), Cecilia Freire ("No Shame"), Zoe Arnao ("The Innocent"), and Daniel Albaladejo ("Los pacientes del doctor García").

The Longest Night teaser

Netflix hasn't been having the best go of things as of late, and as their competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Peacock, and Apple TV+ continue gaining new subscribers (as Netflix hemorrhages them), the original streaming giant is being forced to put in more effort to stand out in a crowded marketplace. While quality and quantity can both be argued until we're all blue in the face, there's one area that Netflix overwhelmingly dominates over the other streamers, and it's their international offerings. Of course, we all know that "Squid Game" helped push South Korean content into the homes of mainstream audiences who may not have pursued it otherwise, but some of the best series on the platform are non-American made.

"Money Heist" celebrated five extremely popular seasons, and while the premise of "The Longest Night" doesn't exactly allow itself for future seasons, the evocative teaser trailer gives the impression that it could be the next big Spanish-language series. The accessibility of streaming has allowed audiences to consume media without borders, and as long as people can heed "Parasite" director Bong Joon-Ho's hope that American audiences overcome "the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles," Netflix will continue to provide some of the best shows available.

"The Longest Night" will be available to stream on Netflix beginning July 8, 2022.