An Episode From Love, Death + Robots Season 3 Is Available To Watch Now

Season 3 of Netflix's "Love, Death + Robots" doesn't drop until this Friday, May 20, 2022, but it seems the folks at the massive streamer couldn't help but drop an episode early.

Surely, you know about "Love, Death + Robots" by now, but on the off chance you've missed out, it's a series of animated shorts produced by Tim Miller ("Deadpool") and David Fincher ("The Social Network," "Zodiac," "Mindhunter"... pretty much all great things, really). These shorts can be about anything. There have been episodes about werewolves fighting, aliens attacking, hard sci-fi noir, and battle monsters being piloted by human controllers.

Then there are the "Three Robots" shorts, which are based on the story by John Scalzi, and feature (you guessed it) three robots as they go on a tour through the remains of human civilization. It's like a vacation for these droids. Well, these goofballs are back again for this new episode that continues their adventures picking through humanity's remains and you can watch it right this very second.

Voiced by Josh Brener, Gary Anthony Williams, and an actual computer voice program, these three bots are back and ready to continue their exploration of us weird humans who couldn't get their act together and let everything fall into ruin.

The end of humanity never looked so pretty

The short is less than 10 minutes and manages to skewer prepper culture and the .01% elites that think it's better to get the hell out of dodge instead of applying their massive resources towards trying to save what they already have.

That's the great thing about these shorts. They have a point of view, they're not worried about ratings or staying apolitical, and maybe most importantly of all, they love to mix genres and tones. This short, titled "Three Robots: Exit Strategies," underlines what makes the series so wonderful. It has the budget it needs for top-tier animation, but it's not trapped into only being family-friendly entertainment. The execution by Blow Studio is Pixar-level great but filled with skeletons, pointed commentary about certain tech bros, and happens to be legitimately funny as these three robots sass each other like an actual human family on a sightseeing trip.

"Three Robots: Exit Strategies" is the first "Love, Death + Robots" sequel, bringing these characters back. If they were going to lead off with anything, that's probably why they'd choose one with characters who are already fan favorites.

The rest of the animated shorts will drop this Friday, May 20, 2022, on Netflix.