Love, Death, And Robots Season 3 Trailer: The Animated Anthology Returns With Lots Of Familiar Faces

The last person you expect to see in a new trailer for "Love, Death + Robots" is The Queen of England but let's be honest, stranger things have happened in Netflix's very adult anmated series. When the second season of the award-winning anthology series premiered last year, the streamer hinted that a third would follow but offered few details on the specifics.

Now, we have both a trailer and a release date, so let the anticipating begin bubbling over! "Love, Death + Robots" is set to arrive on May 20, and you can check out the trailer below.

Love Death + Robots trailer

In the same vein as hit Netflix shows like "The Crown" and "The Queen's Gambit" comes a show about love, death, and robots! Okay, fine, that comparison might be a bit of a stretch — I don't remember robots invading Buckingham Palace under Olivia Colman's reign, but there's still two more seasons to go, so who knows!

Netflix's animated anthology "Love Death + Robots" is a unique series, offering a new collection of sci-fi stories each season that explore the core themes hinted at in the title. This could mean anything from watching three robots roam a post-apocalyptic city to an episode dedicated to super-intelligent yogurt taking over the world. The series hails from filmmakers Tim Miller ("Deadpool") and David Fincher ("The Social Network"), who teamed up to executive produce alongside Jennifer Miller ("The Commissioning") and Joshua Donen, a frequent collaborator of Fincher's and the son of acclaimed director, Stanley Donen ("Singin' in the Rain"). Joshua Donen has executive produced many Fincher projects, including "House of Cards," "Gone Girl," "Mindhunter," even serving as a writer on the latter's second season.

The upcoming third season of "Love, Death + Robots" follows in the footsteps of the second when it comes to length, but also takes inspiration directly from the premiere season. Promising eight new episodes, the third season will revisit three of the storylines introduced in season 1, including the return of everyone's favorite "Three Robots," along with "Sonnie's Edge" and "The Witness."

So far, there's no concrete word on where these stories will bring us next, nor on what new stories will fill up the rest of the season. All we get from the trailer is the tease of badassery to come, with lots of new robot designs, dangerous explosions and a showcase of the show's animated flair. Beyond the inventive stories, "Love Death + Robots" is also known for running the stylistic gamut, from traditional 2D to hyper-realistic 3D, all while leaping across the genre spectrum from horror or fantasy, to close-to-home humor.

"Love, Death + Robots" returns to Netflix on May 20, 2022.