Reacher Season 2 Will Adapt The Book Bad Luck And Trouble

Fans of the Prime Video series "Reacher" can add the 11th book in the Jack Reacher series to their summer reading list, because the book basis for the second season of "Reacher" has finally been announced. Star Alan Ritchson took to Twitter today first with an image showing a pair of brass knuckles and an open blade, only to follow with another image featuring himself and his meaty grip wrapped around a copy of Lee Child's novel "Bad Luck and Trouble." The blade and brass knuckles are a reference to the character David O'Donnell, a member of Jack Reacher's former 110th MP unit who plays a major role in the 11th book. Prime Video retweeted his announcement, which also confirmed that "Reacher" would begin filming the second season later this fall.

"Reacher" quickly became one of Prime Video's most-watched shows and the first to ever top the Nielsen streaming chart. Many may be confused that "Reacher" is jumping from season one's focus on "Killing Floor," the first Jack Reacher novel, to the 11th book in the season, but creator Nick Santora said in an interview with TV Line, "I will say this: Don't assume we're going chronologically, and don't assume we're not going chronologically Because [at this moment] we legitimately don't know." Lee Child has written 26 books as well as a series of short-story anthologies, meaning there's more than enough Reacher material to mine for scripts. "Do we want it to be similar to Season 1 because Season 1 was successful? Do we want to go a little different? There's so much that Lee gives us to choose from," Santora continued.

The plot of Bad Luck and Trouble

With a title derived from Albert King's song "Born Under a Bad Sign," "Bad Luck and Trouble" opens on a bleak note as a man with two broken legs is tossed out of a helicopter from 3,000 feet in the middle of the California desert. As it turns out, an elite team of ex-army investigators is being hunted down, and it's up to Jack Reacher to get to the bottom of the conspiracy that's killing his former friends. Reacher must reunite with the remaining survivors of his old team to pay respects to their fallen comrades, and figure out who is out to get them all. As with any Reacher novel, the more the group investigates, the darker the depths they uncover, pushing them all to the heart of Sin City and a domestic terrorism plot. Of course, there's a high probability that Santora and the rest of the creative team will have plenty of liberties to take, but the idea of seeing Ritchson muscle-man punching faces off on the Las Vegas strip is the stuff dreams are made of.

No word yet on when we can expect to see "Reacher" season 2, but we'll be providing updates as new information becomes available.