Superman & Lois Made It A Point To Keep The Couple On Equal Footing

There are many things that make "Superman & Lois" special, from the show's attempt to capture the visuals of big-budgeted superhero films to displaying the Kryptonian hero's status as a beacon of hope in a world that needs it. The CW series is a new chapter in the mythos of the superhero. It depicts Superman and Lois Lane in a less gritty setting, with the themes of marriage and parenthood at the center.

One of the biggest differences between The CW series and what we've seen of Superman and Lois in the DCEU lately is how Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) are equal partners in the show. "Superman & Lois" has been praised for showing a refreshing balance in its superhero storyline and status as a family drama. But its most important detail is how it takes the partnership between Clark Kent and Lois Lane just as seriously. As Superman works hard at fighting the bad guys, Lois tackles real-world issues as a reporter, and they both contribute to raising a family at home. In this universe, Lois is not a damsel in distress who needs a superhero to save her; she's her own person.

Lois and Clark have individual challenges

The DCEU hasn't done the best job at making Superman and Lois Lane equals. Despite being the most prominent journalist in superhero fiction, Lois needs saving every time she appears. And as we all know, there is nothing revolutionary or impactful about replicating the damsel in distress archetype again and again. So "Superman & Lois" endeavored to end the idea before the series could begin.

A lot of the show's plot hinges on the Kent family dynamic. Clark and Lois have their own challenges, but none as challenging as raising their twin boys. Lois isn't the only parent expected to be responsible and show up at all times, because Clark plays the same role. Her superpowered partner also never outshines her career. Lois might fall into some serious trouble now and then, but she has her pen and courage to defend herself. The "Superman & Lois" writers room was determined to ensure their interpretation of Lois would never need saving. They made her just as much of a hero as Clark, with or without a cape.

"Lois' pen is where her strength lies," noted Todd Helbing, the show's executive producer, in an interview with SFX Magazine (via Games Radar).

'She doesn't need Superman to come save her'

Todd Helbing further explained that if Superman has a target on his back, so does Lois. The only difference between the two is Lois is presented in a way that she doesn't need her husband's help. The real teaming-up happens when the two are parenting — it's the only time they need each other's help. Helbing continued:

"From the get-go, you see how strong she is. Lois kind of has her own villain, while Clark has his own villain. She's fighting with this person in a way where she doesn't need Superman's help. She's still Lois, so she gets herself in binds sometimes. But she's always presented in a way that she doesn't need Superman to come save her. She does it all on her own. Really, the place where she needs as much help as Clark is parenting. As journalist and superhero, they are individuals. They team up occasionally. As parents, it's like two working parents coming home at night and they have their job of raising kids ... you never know where you stand."

"Superman & Lois" explores the humanity of Superman in a way we've never seen before. It's an emotional family drama first and a superhero story second, as the fictional couple embarks on their most extraordinary adventure yet. Superman and Lois take fans back to the hero's hometown of Smallville, as the titular characters juggle their jobs and the struggles that come with raising two teenage boys who could someday inherit their father's abilities, and share a partnership we've longed to see between Clark and Lois for all these years.