Moon Knight Continues The Alarming Emergence Of Kaijus In The MCU

We have seen all sorts of enemies threaten the safety of the citizens of the MCU, from nazis, to robots and aliens constantly invading major cities — or outright lifting them up in the air and then dropping them to the ground.

But the MCU has slowly but surely been making its citizens accustomed to a different kind of threat beyond supervillains with colorful costumes and mighty powers. Instead, the Marvel universe has been alarmingly increasing its kaiju population. From frost giants, obelisks, leviathans, and colossal humanoids like Surtur, or a Celestial literally rising from the middle of the Indian Ocean, and now "Moon Knight" carrying on the franchise's proud tradition of kaiju fights with two actual gods punching each other in the middle of Cairo.

A godly fight

In the last episode of "Moon Knight" (for now?), Arthur Harrow finally frees the goddess Ammit, who immediately starts devouring the souls of those she deems to be future sinners, making her heart grow approximately 300 sizes that day. The more she devours, the bigger she grows, until she towers over Cairo, the size of one of the great pyramids. Soon enough, Khonshu also manages to grow the size of a behemoth (but presumably without devouring souls) and we get a massive showdown of two actual living Egyptian gods on the Giza necropolis.

Except the episode doesn't care about that. This is no "Attack on Titan" with its massive Colossal Titans constantly walking in the background as an inescapable terror. We barely cut away to the god fight, focusing instead on a street-level fight between Marc/Steven, Layla, and Harrow and his goons.

One common criticism of superhero movies, be it DC or Marvel, is that they focus so much on exciting spectacle that they forget about the common folks. But "Moon Knight" makes it even clearer that the common folks of the MCU don't care about dangers. You do see people running away in terror, but they seem to react more to the guys with guns than the two literal gods towering over them, gods that would quite literally change everything for those people. Instead, this is just another Wednesday for the citizens of Cairo, a new addition to the list of weird, potentially world-ending yet only mildly annoying stuff you have to put up with when you live in the MCU.

What would genuinely frighten the citizens of the MCU?

At this point in the recent history of the MCU, people have been through two alien invasions, a robot invasion, the discovery that one of the poorest countries in the world is actually a technological and cultural marvel, and the disappearance and reappearance of half the population — and with it, another alien invasion. This is all before we even return to the aforementioned colossal, 300-miles-tall Celestial whose head and hand are presumably still popping out from the bottom of the ocean and clearly visible for miles and miles. Oh, and who can forget the other Celestial that just appeared out of nowhere and whose giant head covered the entire horizon?

It's one thing for someone in the MCU's version of, say, Germany to hear about the New Yorkers who ran away from a guy in a flying glider throwing exploding pumpkins. It's a whole other thing for someone anywhere near Europe to see a giant alien head in the sky and continue to go about their day, or for anyone in Cairo to see two ancient gods fighting right by the pyramids and wonder what is for dinner. At this point, the MCU has introduced so many kaiju they will soon rival Legendary Picture's MonsterVerse.

But what if this is all part of the plan? Now that the Avengers are gone and there doesn't seem to be a new "Avengers" movie on the horizon, it's time to find the next big threat that can unite all the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. No, we are not talking about Galactus here, at least not alone. The way forward is to bring all the Celestians, Galactus, Giganto, Goom, and every other giant monster Marvel owns, all in the lead up to them reacquiring the rights to the comics character that meant the biggest threat to the Avengers and the citizens of the Marvel universe: Godzilla. And when all the Avengers fail to stop him, who are they going to call? Why, the emissary from hell himself, Japanese Spider-Man! I'd like to see the citizens of Cairo react all nonchalant to that kaiju!