Halo Clip: Kwan And Soren Come Up With A Plan To Finish The Fight [Exclusive]

After six episodes now in the books, we're officially in the home stretch of the Paramount+ "Halo" series. The second season chronicling the adventures of the Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) has already been confirmed and set to begin filming later this summer, meaning there's probably never been a better time to subscribe to the growing streaming service that also boasts fan-favorite selections such as "Star Trek" (with the highly-anticipated "Strange New Worlds" set to debut tomorrow, May 5) and even a new "Jackass" series. But for gamers in particular, all eyes will now turn to "Halo" to see how this debut season will ultimately be brought in for a landing.

Last week's installment capped off the hour with the show's most exciting development yet, as John finally stepped foot onto the actual Halo ring ... even if it was just an otherworldly vision in his head. The next episode, titled "Inheritance," promises to dive deep into Kwan's (Yerin Ha) mysterious family history on the dusty backwater planet of Madrigal, where the opening scenes of the series premiere first took place. Now, ahead of the release of the show's seventh episode, /Film is able to exclusively debut a brand-new clip from the ongoing series, centering on Kwan and Soren (Bokeem Woodbine) attempting to figure a way out of an especially sticky situation. Spoiler alert: it may involve killing people. Check it out below!

Halo clip

"If we're going to fight, we meet them on my terms."

Viewers probably wouldn't have anticipated many of the unexpected directions that this "Halo" series has taken so far, but one of the clear stand-outs among the cast has been Yerin Ha's performance as the rebel survivor Kwan Ha. Paired for much of the first season with Bokeem Woodbine's ex-Spartan soldier, the two very different fighters have formed an unlikely pair who can't really stand even being in the presence of one another. A little tension and two wildly conflicting personalities tend to make up the exact recipe of all the best character duos, if you ask me! Here, that time-tested dynamic is on full display for all to see.

Episode 7 has been described by Paramount+ as, "Kwan's journey to uncover her family's 'true purpose' takes her deep into the deserts of Madrigal. Soren obsesses over unfinished business." The upcoming episode is directed by Jessica Lowrey and will be made available to watch on the streaming service tomorrow, May 5, 2022. If I may shamelessly self-promote for a second, be sure to circle back to /Film after it airs for my ongoing weekly recap of "Halo."

In its adaptation for Paramount+, HALO will take place in the universe that first came to be in 2001 with the launch of Xbox®'s first "Halo" game. Dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, HALO the series will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.