Netflix Is Casting Young Kate Middleton For The Crown Season 6

It might not be historically accurate, but I unabashedly love Netflix's "The Crown." If you do as well, you might want to listen up. The series about the current royal family of the United Kingdom is looking for a young actor to play the role of Kate Middleton, according to Variety. You know her, you gossip about her, you call her Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, but when the sixth (and likely final) season of the show is set, she was still Kate, the young woman who caught the heart of a prince. 

I don't mean to sound too gushy. I wouldn't want the job of a princess for all the money in the world. Playing her, however, would certainly be fun. Variety has seen the casting call which reportedly says they're looking for "an exceptional young actor to play Kate Middleton." The casting notice continues, "This is a good role in this award-winning drama and we are looking for a strong physical resemblance." It's interesting that they're looking for unknowns here, as they were back in March of this year for the young princes Harry and William. This version of the future Duchess is the early 2000s version. You know, the version who wore the sheer black dress that showed her underwear in an early 2000s fashion show at the University of St. Andrew's where Prince William saw her. I remember it well, because it was the least racy thing to wear during that time, and everyone was shocked by it in England. There was pearl clutching! All this for something you could see on the street anywhere in New York where I lived at the time. C'est scandale!

Could you play a future princess?

We know that the upcoming fifth season of "The Crown" will focus on an older version of Princess Diana played by Elizabeth Debicki this time around, replacing Emma Corrin, and Prince Charles played by Dominic West, replacing Josh O'Connor. (The show does replace actors as the people they're portraying age.) Season 5 is set to stream in November on Netflix, and will look at the royal family during the 1990s, the decade where Princess Diana passed away in a car, fleeing paparazzi. 

Also cast in season 5: Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles, and Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major. Season 6 will move forward to a time when Prince William was dating, and Prince Harry was reportedly getting into some trouble with pot and alcohol. We don't know how far the sixth season will go, or if it will cover the time that Variety mentions when Wills and Kate broke up in 2007 for a bit. 

If you do submit yourself for casting, let us know on social media! It's a pretty exciting opportunity. Alas, we can't help with submissions for this one. Unlike the princes, where the casting information went out over social media, this one appears to be through official casting channels.