Interview With The Vampire Teaser: A Look At The Lairs Of Louis And Lestat

There's new footage from the upcoming "Interview with the Vampire" series, though Anne Rice fans won't get to see any close-ups of their favorite bloodsucking baes just yet. While we got a tiny peek at Lestat (Sam Reid) and Louis (Jacob Anderson) in an AMC promo back in February, there haven't been any major reveals just yet. The new teaser shows us some of the locations that the series will haunt, including Lestat and Louis' side-by-side caskets in an opulent bedroom, a New Orleans plantation-style home, and more. The series also finally has a release window, officially coming to our screens in Fall 2022.

Welcome to the Secret Garden

"Interview with the Vampire" is an adaptation of the Anne Rice novel of the same name. It was made into a movie in 1994, starring Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis, and that adaptation is fairly beloved by fans of the novel, myself included! The AMC series looks like it will be keeping the same gothic aesthetics and will make the most of its New Orleans setting. The opening shot, of a horse-drawn carriage moving past a vintage car, is likely of the house where the wraparound story will take place, if the series follows the novel directly. In the novel, Louis, a vampire burdened with an overabundance of empathy, gives an interview with a human journalist named Daniel (Eric Bogosian), telling the story of his human life, his rebirth as one of the living dead, and the vast horrors he's experienced in the time since. "Interview with the Vampire" is, at its core, a romance between Louis and his vampiric maker, the impetuous Brat Prince Lestat, complicated by the introduction of their "daughter," the child vampire Claudia (Bailey Bass). The story spans several centuries and two continents, as the vampires eventually end up in Paris, where they encounter Armand and the Theatres des Vampires. 

The teaser doesn't show too much else, but gives us glimpses of locations and the atmosphere of the series — and that's okay given how far out we are from release. Hopefully we'll get some more teasers soon so we can get a better idea of Lestat, Louis, and the rest of the immortal cast. Some of my favorite characters from the novel have yet to be cast, including the cherubic but impish Armand, Claudia's surrogate "mother" Madeleine, and the clownishly creepy Santiago, who helps Armand run the Theatres. AMC better start giving us some more sips from the series soon, because this teaser left me famished. 

"Interview with the Vampire" will premiere on AMC this fall.