The Expendables 4 Footage Reaction: Stallone And The Gang Are Back For More Explosions [CinemaCon 2022]

CinemaCon is happening in Las Vegas right now, meaning that attending press is getting to see footage from the most anticipated upcoming films. Though we're not likely to have the actual footage released online, we have the next best thing! Our own Ben Pearson is on the ground, furiously taking notes and bringing us a description of the film goodies we'll be watching over the next few years. 

One such goodie is Lionsgate's "The Expendables 4." You know these action stars. You've loved them forever. Once again, they're teaming up to bring you all the punches, kicks, and gunshots. This time around we have Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Megan Fox, 50 Cent, Andy García, Tony Jaa, Eddie Hall, Sheila Shah, Jacob Scipio, Levy Tran, and Iko Uwais. Producing are Statham, Ari Lerner, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, and Kevin King. 

The old guns

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson appeared via video message at CinemaCon to share his excitement about joining the mega-action franchise, saying that "this is my movie right here" before introducing some sneak-peek footage from the upcoming sequel.

The footage begins with Sylvester Stallone saying that this life isn't for everyone, meaning that being an Expendable isn't always all it's cracked up to be. He then crashes an airplane through a train tunnel, which either illustrates or negates his point depending on your point of view. Statham tries to stop him with a quick "you're not doing what I think you're doing," but of course he is, and the crash cuts to a flashback of footage from the previous three films. Text across the screen over the footage reads: "It Was All A Warmup for This."

Each of the new stars got a quick introduction, with footage of Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Megan Fox, and Dolph Lundgren. Fox and Statham have some flirty, fighty foreplay on a couch, Lundgren looks appropriately badass astride a motorcycle, and Uwais shows off his high-kick skills by introducing his foot to some bad guy's skull. There's a big explosion, because this is an "Expendables," after all, and then the footage ends. It sounds like "Expendables 4" is going to be bigger and better than the pre

There is no synopsis available for "The Expendables 4" at the moment, but we'll update you as soon as there is. "The Expendables 4" will hit theaters sometime in 2022.