Why Anthony Hopkins Is So Easy To Work With, According To Olivia Colman

There are many great actors in Hollywood. People who, if you are an actor yourself, you probably have on your list of dream people to star in a film with. Having just won his second Oscar for his performance in last year's Best Picture nominee "The Father," Anthony Hopkins is definitely one of these people. With a career that spans decades, Hopkins has solidified himself as one of Hollywood's biggest and best stars. He's wowed us time after time with memorable performances in films like "The Silence of the Lambs," "The Remains of the Day," and "Nixon" — and his recent performance in "The Father" is no exception. 

Starring alongside Olivia Colman (who is an amazing actress in her own right), Hopkins plays Anthony in "The Father," a man who is struggling to cope with his worsening dementia. The movie is an intentionally disorienting look at the way memory loss profoundly affects those living with it, and Colman and Hopkins brilliantly navigate their roles alongside one another, effortlessly working to blur the lines between the different people that come in and out of Anthony's life. You would think that working alongside such a great actor as Hopkins would be a bit nerve-wracking, but for Colman, the experience was a delightful breeze.  

Working with one of the best

Colman, an Oscar winning actress herself, was tasked with playing Hopkins's daughter Anne in Florian Zeller's "The Father." Her role is deliberately confusing as the character of Anthony constantly mistakes her for other caregivers in his life. This makes for some extremely interesting and impressive acting from both Colman and Hopkins, and according to Colman, she loved every minute of it.

In a conversation with Yahoo!, Colman explains how instead of being nervous to work with one of the greatest actors of all time, she was thrilled, saying, "I've got to say that it was one of the easiest jobs ever, because you're working with Anthony Hopkins." She goes on to elaborate, stating, "He's so good, you only have to react to him. It makes my job very easy." Her admiration for Hopkins and his acting skills is unmistakeable as she describes their approach to the scenes they had to shoot. "When the script is that good and when you're working with someone like him, don't try to put too much into it. Just go with it and feel it. What's lovely is that Tony likes to work like that too. We just had a really nice time."

It sounds like both of these actors had a great rapport with one another during their time on set, which no doubt contributed to the beauty that is this film. Hopefully they get to work with one another again someday soon.