Superhero Bits: The Eve Of Moon Knight, The Batman Passes A Big Milestone & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • Andrew Garfield has no news on "Amazing Spider-Man 3."

  • "Deadpool 3" is bringing back at least one character.

  • "The Batman" passes a box office milestone.

  • You can vote on the next DC Comics series.

  • All that and more!

You -- yes, you -- can vote on the next big DC Comics series

What better way to decide on the next DC Comics series than some good old-fashioned democracy? To that end, the publisher has revealed in the tweet above that they are letting fans vote to determine the next book that they are going to actually make. The options range wildly from a mysterious "Justice League" pitch to a "Kid Flash" book, and even a "Wildcat" series. Those who wish to cast their vote can do so by clicking here.

A character named Spoiler is joining The CW's Gotham Knights show

Anna Lore ("All American," "Into the Dark: My Valentine") is the latest to join the cast of The CW's "Gotham Knights" TV show. While it takes its name from the upcoming video game, it is not going to be a carbon copy; an entirely different cast of characters is getting in on the action for the series. Lore is playing a character by the name of Spoiler. It's a bit funny in an era when so many people are trying to dodge spoilers for comic book movies and TV shows that a character actually named Spoiler will be entering the Arrowverse. The news was first reported by Deadline, and the outlet describes her character as follows:

With sarcasm matched only by her intellect, Stephanie (Lore) was raised on a steady diet of brain teasers and puzzles. She's honed her skills to become a formidable coder. But her greatest talent might be hiding a less-than-perfect home life.

No word yet on when "Gotham Knights" will make it to air, but if the pilot gets picked up for a full season, it will likely debut sometime in the fall.

Check out this weird new Moon Knight poster

Marvel's "Moon Knight" will officially be on Disney+ tomorrow and the studio is making one last little marketing push. Here's a pretty bizarre new poster for the show that features ... a fish in a blender? Yeah, this is pretty strange — even for a show centered on a hero with multiple personalities who is given his powers by an Egyptian god. But for those who have been craving something different, this may well be just what the doctor ordered, given that a goldfish in a blender was worthy of a poster.

Jared Leto improvised that 'I am Venom' line in Morbius

With "Morbius" finally hitting theaters this weekend, Jared Leto has been making the press rounds for his Marvel Comics adaptation. In speaking with recently, the Oscar-winning actor revealed that he actually improvised the "I am Venom" line that has been used quite a bit in the trailers which also helps to connect the movie to Tom Hardy's "Venom" and the rest of Sony's Spider-Man Universe. Leto said the following:

"I improvised that line on the set that day and, you know, there was a lot of that and it's really fun to do. Yeah, it just seemed like, you know ... it just kind of came out in the moment and we ended up using it, and I'm glad that people had fun with it in the way that we did."

Well, at least Leto is having fun with it.

Ryan Reynolds confirms that Leslie Uggams is back for Deadpool 3

"Deadpool 3" finally has some real steam at Disney with Shawn Levy ("The Adam Project," "Free Guy") set to direct. While much remains mysterious about the sequel for the time being, Ryan Reynolds recently hopped on Twitter to give us a little something to chew on for the time being. Specifically, in responding to actress Leslie Uggams on Twitter, he confirmed slyly that she will indeed be returning as Blind Al this time around. This should come as welcome news, as some of the moments between Wade Wilson and Blind Al were among the best comedic offerings of the films. Hopefully, we'll be hearing more casting confirmations soon.

The Batman passes both Justice League and Man of Steel at the box office

It took less than a month, but "The Batman" has managed to pass a couple of other big DC movies at the box office. As of this writing, Robert Pattinson's debut as the Caped Crusader has earned $672 million worldwide. That puts it past both 2017's "Justice League" ($656 million) and "Man of Steel" ($667 million). If things continue to go well, it should easily be able to pass "Suicide Squad" ($745 million) in virtually no time at all, with around $800 million or more well within sight for director Matt Reeves' take on the classic hero.

Andrew Garfield swears he has no update on The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at the Oscars over the weekend, Andrew Garfield was asked if he had any updates regarding a potential return in "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" following the success of "Spider-Man: No Way Home." The actor says he's got nothing for us, though he also charmingly admits that nobody is ever going to believe anything he has to say ever again, given how many times he lied about not being in "No Way Home" ahead of that movie's release. And he's probably right about that.

Moon Knight red carpet

Lastly, "Moon Knight" recently held its premiere, and the stars as well as the filmmakers were in attendance. Naturally, they were interviewed on the red carpet and Marvel had put together a little video collecting some highlights from the event. We get a bit of Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, among others, discussing the latest MCU series making its way to the small screen. It's just a little snack before the main course, as the show will begin making its way to the streaming service in the wee hours of the morning.