David Fincher's The Killer Has Wrapped Filming

Roughly two years ago, master director David Fincher ("Fight Club," "Seven," "Zodiac," "Gone Girl") signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, and his first feature film as part of that deal, "The Killer," has wrapped filming. Fincher was initially going to direct the film for Paramount back in 2007, so this is a project 15-years in the making. Based on the french graphic novel "Le Tueur" and the 2007 Cédric Anger film of the same name, "The Killer" brings Fincher back together with Andrew Kevin Walker, the screenwriter of "Seven," and features Michael Fassbender ("Prometheus," "Frank," "12 Years A Slave") as an assassin who slowly loses his grasp on his sanity. Principal photography took place in New Orleans, Paris, and the Dominican Republic before pivoting to Chicago, and wrapping today in Los Angeles.

While Fincher hasn't released too many details regarding how he will interpret "The Killer," the graphic novel by Alexis Nolen, aka "Matz," and illustrated by Luc Jacamon has a really exciting premise that sounds tailor-made for someone like David Fincher:

A man solitary and cold, methodical and unencumbered by scruples or regrets, the killer waits in the shadows, watching for his next target. And yet the longer he waits, the more he thinks he's losing his mind, if not his cool. A brutal, bloody and stylish noir story of a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass, this is a case study of a man alone, armed to the teeth and slowly losing his mind.

The Killer could debut before the year's end

With the film wrapping today, there's a chance that Netflix could try and get "The Killer" out before the end of the year, just in time for the 2022 awards season. However, that turnaround might be a little tight for a movie of this magnitude, so we could also see the film out sometime in 2023. This is Fincher's first feature since his Hollywood drama "Mank," and part of the return to screen for Fassbender along with Taika Waititi's "Next Goal Wins."

The Academy Award-winning director of photography of "Mank" and "Mindhunter," Erik Messerschmidt, also reunites with Fincher on this project, which is shaping up to be a collaborative effort between some of Fincher's all-time greats, with a story well in all of their wheelhouses. If you're still mourning the lack of "Mindhunter" season 3, perhaps "The Killer" will be the project that can bring us some closure.