David Fincher Signs A Four-Year Exclusive Deal With Netflix

David Fincher has had a pretty good relationship with Netflix. He served as executive producer on the Netflix shows Mindhunter and House of Cards, and when Mindhunter went on indefinite hold, the streaming service gave him the chance to make one of his dream projects, Mank. Now, Fincher says he's signed a four-year exclusive deal with Netflix, which means any Fincher projects in the foreseeable future will be housed there.

According to Premiere, via The Playlist, David Fincher has signed a 4-year deal with Netflix, making the streaming giant his new home for a little while. "Yes, I have an exclusivity deal with [Netflix] for another four years," Fincher said. "And depending on Mank's reception, I'll either go see them sheepishly asking them what I can do to redeem myself or take the attitude of the arrogant a**hole who'll require making other films in black and white. [Laughs] No, I'm here to deliver them 'content' — whatever it means— likely to bring them spectators, in my small sphere of influence."

The Playlist adds that the deal was made before Mank, and that it's a "major...deal worth over nine-figures." In the interview, Fincher added: "Now [because] I signed this Netflix deal it's also because I'd like to work like Picasso painted, to try very different things, to try to break the shape or change the operating mode. I like the idea of having a body of work. And yes, I admit that it feels strange, after forty years in this profession, to only have ten films under my belt. Well, eleven, but ten that I can say are mine. Yes, objectively, it is a pretty terrifying observation."

Now we just have to wait and see what Fincher does next. This deal doesn't mean he's going to be directing movies for Netflix for the next four years – he could likely just serve as an executive producer on projects, including TV shows. But it does mean that anything Fincher has cooking will be at Netflix, and seeing as movie theaters are in trouble right now, that's sensible. Hopefully, there won't be a long gap between directorial efforts, though – Mank is Fincher's first feature film in six years, since 2014's Gone Girl.

And hey, if we're lucky, this could mean there's hope again for Mindhunter season 3. While the Fincher-produced show hasn't exactly been canceled it is on hold, with the cast released from their contracts. "Listen, for the viewership that it had, it was a very expensive show," Fincher said in an interview back in October. "We talked about, 'Finish Mank and then see how you feel,' but I honestly don't think we're going to be able to do it for less than I did season two. And on some level, you have to be realistic — dollars have to equal eyeballs."