Moon Knight Meets The Moon God In Creepy New Clip From Disney+ Series

It's important for Marvel superheroes to feel relatable, and that goes double for ones who are being introduced to general audiences for the first time. Though Oscar Isaac is more commonly associated with "X-Men: Apocalypse" and the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy than relatable everyman roles, the actor was nonetheless chosen to bring his star power to Marvel's "Moon Knight" series, adding another kind of draw to this thoroughly unique addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

That's certainly one way to bring audiences on board with the (relatively) unknown character who deals with the condition known as dissociative identity disorder and has poor mental health in general. But between that, the idea of following a person who has no idea and really no interest in being some big superhero, and some hilarious displays of social awkwardness as he attempts to fend off some supernatural visions, Moon Knight just might be the superhero stand-in for our generation.

All of that and more is packed into the latest "Moon Knight" clip released ahead of the series' impending premiere later this month, courtesy of IGN. Check out the new footage below, which puts the psychological horror elements of the series front and center.

Moon Knight 'Contact Lens' Clip

Obviously, the most important takeaway from this new "Moon Knight" clip has to do with important representation for those of us who've had the profound misfortune of having a contact lens fall out and force us to crawl around on dirty floors looking for it. Like I said — relatable! That said, it's not likely that any of us have ever used this commonplace excuse as a cover for seeing some horrific visions of a sinister Moon God haunting our steps, so, you know, your mileage may vary. 

This newest footage features Steven Grant appearing as disheveled and out-of-sorts as anyone could possibly make Oscar Isaac look, cringing into the corner of an elevator as he's stalked (or thinks he's being stalked) by the embodiment of an ancient Egyptian spirit. When that only appears to be a kindly old lady instead, a quintessentially awkward elevator ride ensues until she makes a hasty retreat at the soonest possible chance. Poor Steven, more confused than ever, looks around and BAM — the malevolent-looking Khonshu, skeletal bird head and magical staff and all, is right there with him again.

It's enough to drive anyone a little batty, though longtime Moon Knight fans will certainly be thrilled to see the darker tone of the comics translated to this new series. The circumstantial humor provided by such an awkward run-in is reason to be excited as well, showing how both humor and scares can, in fact, coexist within the same scene. As we reported previously, the formidable Moon Knight villain will be portrayed by legendary actor F. Murray Abraham, of all people. The clip also makes good on previous statements from the cast and crew that this series will truly be Marvel's weirdest superhero yet.

The identity crisis between Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and ultimately the full-fledged power of Moon Knight will come to Disney+ on March 30, 2022.