Master Thief Robert Pattinson Busted For Swiping Socks From The Batman Set

Minor spoilers for "The Batman" follow. Like, extremely minor. Teeny tiny.

"Alfred, I don't want your cufflinks." Okay, Bruce, then what about his socks? Or anyone's socks, for that matter? As it turns out, being a rich and famous actor in real-life playing a rich and famous character in "The Batman" couldn't prevent star Robert Pattinson from behaving like a complete and total menace while on set. He may have wanted to turn down those Wayne-branded cufflinks that Alfred offers to him on the eve of a rare public appearance by Bruce Wayne, but apparently that didn't stop Pattinson from absconding with far too many pairs of socks from the production. 

That's according to Pattinson himself, at least, whom we all know has a pesky little habit of just flat-out making things up when he gets a little bored. Most infamously, the man once completely made up an entire story about witnessing a clown die at a circus as a kid, which (if you ask me) outdoes any trauma Bruce Wayne himself went through with the death of his parents. Like I said, the man is a menace and we kind of love him for it.

So from the man who (allegedly) spends his free time in unusual ways — not fighting crime at night in armored spandex, as far as we know, but hiding out on Batman forums online and social media to see what people are saying about him –  comes the somewhat dubious (but no less hilarious) reports that he got busted for becoming a kleptomaniac, as far as socks are concerned. Check out his damning statements below, which should obviously call into question his fitfulness to ever don the batsuit ever again. This is why vigilantes are always bad news, folks.

Confessions of a sock-thief

In an interview on BBC Radio 1 (via Insider), Robert Pattinson came out with a downright Riddler-esque confession of his own. If he's to be believed, then the "Batman" star has been hoarding socks from the set of "The Batman" throughout over a year of shooting. 

It's pretty commonplace, of course, for actors to take home certain items of sentimental value that the used on-set during production. The dastardly deed that Pattinson has fessed up to doing, however, is another matter entirely and completely beyond the pale. Let it be known that we here at /Film are simply humble messengers of such foul misbehavior and do not condone the rampant theft of socks. With that important caveat out of the way, here are Pattinson's own words describing his reprehensible actions.

"It's impossible to take anything home from [set]. I did get a lot of socks. All of my socks are all from 'Batman.' ... I kept getting told from Warner Bros., 'You know, it's fine to have a few, but you take them every day. How many socks do you need? Because we've been shooting for a year.'"

Judging by the actual giggles that Pattinson tries to speak through while regaling this story (around the 10 minute and 50 second mark in the interview clip), we're going to go out on a limb and assume that he's lightly exaggerating for effect. Compared to the usual round of hum-drum responses and boring, PR-ready non-answers that actors under tight NDAs usually give out, we'll gladly take as many absurd and ridiculous stories that Pattinson could possibly think of on the spot. In terms of other insights that are just as suspicious as this one, Pattinson has previously talked about looking up bat-fighting techniques for some real-world inspiration. Elsewhere in the realm of (relatively) more reliable comments, the star also recently opened up about wanting to appear in "Dune: Part Two."

If you can't get enough of Robert Pattinson's abject weirdness, "The Batman" is currently playing in theaters.