Good Omens Season 2 Has Wrapped Filming

Back in summer 2021, fans of "Good Omens" were confused by the announcement that the acclaimed Amazon Prime adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's tale about an angel and a demon teaming up to stop the apocalypse would be getting a second season. Considering that the series covered the entirety of the story from the book, this confusion was warranted. However, Gaiman revealed that he and his late collaborator had started work on a sequel before Pratchett passed away. So, with Gaiman on board with those ideas and the ineffable duo of David Tennant and Michael Sheen reprising their roles as Crowley and Aziraphale, season 2 was off to the races.

By November 2021, filming had begun in Scotland with a number of familiar faces from both in front of and behind the camera returning. Now, it looks like the cast and crew have wrapped on the upcoming six-episode season.

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The Amazon Prime UK Twitter account officially shared the news on March 7, 2022, but based on the slate in the post, it appears that the production finished up on March 1, 2022. Doon Mackichan, who plays the angel Michael in the show, shared his own tweet to mark the occasion. Meanwhile, "Doctor Who" and "Staged" star (and David Tennant's wife) Georgia Tennant announced the news in her own way by posting her husband's hair transition from fiery red to a more natural brown on Instagram.

With all these announcements, no new details about the show emerged unfortunately. Although, Gaiman previously teased that the next chapter would feature "new adventures with old friends, to solve some extremely mysterious mysteries." Bringing us back to a familiar bookshop in Soho and all over time and space (locations that Tennant is very well versed in), this new tale is set to begin with an angel wandering through a market with no memory of who they might be. 

Along with newcomers like Tim Downie ("Outlander"), Pete Firman (BBC's "The Magicians"), Andi Osho ("I May Destroy You"), and Alex Norton, a number of "Good Omens" season 1 cast members will be returning, such as Jon Hamm, Paul Adeyefa, Michael McKean, Gloria Obianyo, Miranda Richardson, Maggie Service, Reece Shearsmith, Nina Sosanya, Doon Mackichan, Liz Carr, Quelin Sepulveda, and Shelley Conn. However, they may or may not be playing different roles this time around.

No release date has been announced for the new season of "Good Omens" yet. Depending on how much post-production is needed, it may be ready by the end of the year as a nice Christmas present to all the good boys and girls both above and below.